GM post

As Taladron patiently relates the tale that had brought you all to Magnimar in detail, a watch officer with a nodding cerulean plume on his peaked helmet comes hurrying up to Captain Uriana's side, whispering a quick aside into her ear before thrusting into her hands the hollow dagger and the incriminating warrant within that Rico had previously given to Irini. Giving her subordinate a curt nod of thanks, the Captain scans the note and frowns to herself as she reads. Once Taladron is done, the Captain purses her lips, giving the "results" scattered around the undermill floor a sour glance.

"Yeah. I can certainly see that you lot haven't held back. Us Watch folks had picked up a lil' about the Foxglove case - your Sheriff's policy to keep the big city fellas appraised, see - but word hadn't made it to the street jes' yet. An impersonator or a dozen going around wearing the man's face and name would have been most definitely troubling," she remarks dryly, vaguely waving the faux dagger about to indicate the various dead bodies lying broken and crumpled about the room. "Stalkers rising outta the sewers, wouldn't be the first time neither. But after what you've said about his Grace..."

Looking down at Ironbriar's headless corpse, the Captain makes a face, screwing up her eyes and sticking out her tongue as she nudges the elf's shoulder with an iron-capped toe. "I've no lost love for this black-hearted bastard here. Gods know, he ain't hadda compassionate bone in his body. Would've sentenced kiddos to hang for petty thievery if he coulda. But having his Grace alive to answer for this woulda made your tale a whole lotta easier to swallow, know what I'm saying? How's he gonna confess to all this without his damn noggin?!"