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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF spoliers!)

    Right, I've been a bit delayed in writing this, so lets get into it. Are you ready? A bit of a warning about this part- I threw away about 99% of what the module did here, and did my own thing, which is a lot more elaborate, but I also think a lot more fun. There are no battles in this part, but a lot of quite cool roleplay, even from Mad Dog! Enjoy!

    Session 24, Part 2- Nocticula's palace, Start of Demonic Negotiations

    As Nocticula's messenger moved forward, the party followed on the dark path. They knew this was a sort of... a shadow plane, but made mostly of narrow paths, with but darkness beyond. They followed, weary, and before they could quite take the scene, the Sister of The Last Embrace reached into yet another shadow, and... pulled at it, revealing an opening, into a courtyard. The party entered.

    The courtyard was huge, with towering statues, of many kinds, many races, creatures, all made with the same purple Porphyry stone of the city... Yet their attention was drawn to another shadow lifting, through which stepped an identical sister into the courtyard, and behind her followed some figures. As they party saw them, the blood boiled!

    First entered an impressive powerful demon, wrathed in a small storm of fire and lightning, with an aura of command and power. all but Julian knew this demon, they have seen it at the start of their adventures, in the Clydewell Plaza, cutting off the silver dragon Terendelev's neck- It was no other than Khorzedah, the balor general, also known as The Storm King! (I will refer to him as such from now on).

    Behind him followed an armored figure, with the horns of a minotaur, but with an air of cunning, wisdom, and feroctiy. They knew this one from description only- Hephazimerah, Baphomet's own daughter and high priestess, whom they know controls the Nuhadrian mine!

    Behind her came another one of Baphomet's favored, or maybe not so much of lately, but which the party have met just recently- Minhgo herself! And on her arm was no other than... Arulashee, who seemed close, very close, to Minhago. The succubus gave them taunting wave, which almost made Sena charge.

    But there was one last guest, whom all but Julian have met in person, but even she has seen her, only as the dooming introduction illusion to Drezen. Areelu Vorlesh, the Worldwoudn Witch, stepped forth. Last they saw her, she was burned, broken, nearly dead by the Wardstone's power. Yet now she seemed fully restored!

    Mad Dog's player grinned with glee. "Init!" he yelled, yet even though both parties were surprised to see each other, both Sisters held up their hand. "This is our lady's palace! No hostilities may be used against her guests. You are both guests of our lady in shadow, do NOT displease her!"

    Julian concentrated her new sight on the demonic emissaries. The Storm King looked to her like an image of unparalleled pillar of power, raging energies of destruction. Baphomet's daughter looked like a metallic sphere, with various contraptions, moving parts, and blades. Like a highly advanced and lethal lock or puzzle. Minhago looked like a fast shifting mask, but somewhat a broken one, which often shifted to expressions of anger, of shame. Arulashee looked... like any kind of another succubus, only more thoroughly corrupted. Julian concentrated ,seeking to see any of the former succubi, but found no trace... And lastly- Areelu Vorlesh. The witch looked like some sort of a vermin, of an unknown origin, sitting in the center of a huge web, spanning away, some of it disappearing, as if into other realities. She herself sat still, yet Julian could see sort of phantom limbs, pulling ,weaving, spinning...

    Sena smiled, trying to taunt Areelu. "Why, aren't you looking better?" But the witch just laughed, and played a along. She gave a slight spin, spreading her new wing. "Why yes! Isn't it just marvelous?" Sena replied "it would look better on my wall!" Julian in the meantime silently cast a message to Arulashee. "We are still here! We will get you back!" to which the succubus laughed. "Sure you will!" and winked at them.

    The Sisters looked at the parties. "The Lady Awaits. You have come to make your pleas and requests. We are Lilith. We shall guide you. Please, follow us." and the two sisters, led each party into the massive palace, through different routes.

    Walk through Nocticula's Palace

    Palace of Nocticula's music- Dreamgasm
    (The idea was for a music incorporating lust and danger. I didn't listen fully to it before settling on it. Some parts can be too... disruptive)

    Lilith led them, as they went inside. They walked for an unknown time, for the palace was was immense, they estimated it might be the size of entire Kenabres or more! Many twisting paths, stairs, vast halls, small rooms. The place was baffling, but the sights and sounds were... quite disturbing... They first passed some halls, with bored succubi, some were in the midst of passionate carnal pleasures, some were in torture, with a multitude of slaves, some disfigured, some in ecstasy, only even that seemed too much- in their pleasure, they screamed, begging to stop... They passed through an immense library, dwarfing anything they have yet seen on the material plane. Amongst the shelves were ancient scrolls, writings, books made of exotic... uncertain materials, at some places carvings, at others writings in languages they knew were old, long forgotten, at some places just whispers, contained, seeking to be free... They passed vast armories, with exquisite and lethal looking weapons, ones seemed designed to inflict pain, more than kill, and horrific one at that... they passed along the borders of humongous arenas, in which what looked like small armies clashed, but not in a tactical battle, but in a desperate bloody and gory fight of mayhem and carnage, with multitudes dying...

    The party was quite disturbed by all of this, with Julian visibly depressed. Her sight, senses, burdened her... Sena, worried, asked Lilith. "Can we... stop? Observe? Do something on the way?" Lilith didn't look back... "You may shortly, but do not delay. Do not keep The Lady waiting..." Sena stopped by what looked like an old temple. He ventured inside. The place was but one big circular room, dust covering it in it's entirety, with the dome of the place filled with carvings, symbols and depictions of all the gods he knew, some he just heard of, some hinted on, and some, many more, that he never even knew existed. Good, evil, neutral, all in between... Dust covered all, this place was not visited for a long time. A sort of museum of the divine, or perhaps graveyard? Fear gripped Sena, and he clutched Calistria's symbol, asking for her guidance, only to find to his terror that his connection to her is severed! Lilith spoke quietly. "Only the Lady's power exists here...". Troubled, Sena continued to follow her...

    They continued on, passing great vasts of kitchens, with great boiling pots, with the scent making them drool, before hearing the screams of something... someone, roasted alive. They passed torture rooms, with instruments which their imagination could not grasp, could not understand, but which seemed cruel to the extreme, with the various sobs and pain of victims around... they passed crossed a long bridge, over a pit whose bottom they could not see, whee to it's walls were shackled hundreds, if not thousands of suffering souls. The party was quite depressed at this, and Julian and Sena briefly thought to try and free some, yet Andera stopped them. "I wish nothing more. But this is not the place, and the time. This will not help here..." Demoralized, they ventured after Lilith.

    Further they walked. They passed by a great ball room, covered in shadows, were figures, powerful figures, seemed to dance and converse, yet their exact conversations were just out of reach. They passed by strange, geometrically impossible structures, were robed figures chanted in a strange language, doing untold rituals of dark magic and blood... Fresh blood... The road continued, on and on. How long have they traveled? Hours? Days? Time, sensation, perception seemed distorted here.

    They came upon narrow upgoing stairs, as if in a slim turret, and started climbing up, up, after Lilith. She spoke to them, softly, but firmly. "We shall soon be in the lady's presence. As we arrive, you are expected to introduce yourselves. Who are you, whom do you speak for, and why have you come. Do not offend the hostess!" after a few more long moments, Lilith added "Think carefully of your words. Here, they carry more weight, more power, than all the swords and spells in your world..." The players looked at each other, tense... before thy reached Nocticula's audience.

    Spoiler: DM's notes- walk through Nocticula's palace
    This was mostly to set the atmosphere. I wanted the party to feel that the negotiations were at a much larger scale, not something ordinary, but something on a far bigger, far grander, far more dangerous level. The were coming into the big league. The palace gave a bit of a measure as to what it might mean visiting the realm of a demon lord. It was meant to partly awe, partly tense the party. Thankfully, they were getting into the mood of things, and were not making jokes, but taking it seriously. The feeling was tense!

    First Audiance with Nocticula

    The party reached a big plateau, and when they looked around, they saw it must have been at the top of the palace, with no edges, overlooking the Midnight Isles, and the vast Porphyry City below. They saw the demonic emissaries also emerging, but their attention was drawn elsewhere...

    For in the middle of the plateau was a deep pool, an immensely vast pool, of dark liquid. Only when they looked at it- it wasn't a liquid at all... it was the night, the sky, space... they could see stars in it, vast cosmic spaces... and white, soft, silvery mists were floating, caressing the "pool", like clouds of moonlight... and in the midst of the pool a figure swam. The figure of a pale skinned woman, nude, elegant, confident, assured, erotic, but not in a cheap, easy sleazy way, but in a sensuous, mature, alluring power... The figure swam in the cosmos, and slowly reached the end of the pool. Slowly, Nocticula rose from the "water"...

    Spoiler: Closest image I could find. I hope this is ok

    The picture is of Eva Green, in her role in Sin City 2. I Liked the look, and if the players identified the character, well.. .that gave the right feel as well!

    As the naked Nocticula rose, the inky pool, and the white mists slid upon her body, covering her naked form like an misty inked half see through robe. She strode towards them, confident, powerful, yet at ease. As she strode, perceptions... changed. While before they looked down at her swimming in the pool, now she was descending a flight of stairs. As she came about 5-6 stairs above their position, she sat elegantly. As she did, the "robe" melted, shaping itself like a throne of velvet shadow, with the mists rolling softly under it. Nocticula sat there, naked, an image of superb womanhood, and looked down at them. They noticed that there was little color on her- her skin was white as ivory, her hair black as the rich night. The only vivid colors were her lips, which were passionately red, and her eyes, emerald green, and piercing. Yet... her look was unreadable, impassive, you could not read her, as she looked at the two groups. They stepped back, in awe of the presence of the demon lord, who did not appear as they thought it would.

    And as they looked, Julian looked at her as well, with her own sight. Looking upon her was not easy though, and Julian could feel the strain, upon her eyes, upon her sanity, upon her soul. Yet she was determined to try and get some inkling into what and who Nocticula was, if it will get them any advantage. So she looked to the soul of the demon lord...

    At first, she saw a mirror, and her own reflection looking back at her. Yet Julian felt there was more, so she looked further. In through the mirror, she fell into a big lake, and dove deeper, deeper, seeing sights, hearing sounds from different planes, different worlds, someone trying to compose some sort of a... music? But with confused tones... Yet Julian felt there was more, so deeper she looked. She got to the bottom of the lake, where there was a circle of statues, some of which she knew were images of Nocticula she knew, some she did not know, and there were many, but all were at the edges of the circle, looking out. In the middle of the circle there was a big stone, partly chiseled, but the figure of the statue was not yet complete. The strain was starting to hurt Julian, yet she felt there was more, so she looked further. Into the stone she bore, and found the stone was filled with holes, tunnels, and a black ink carving it's way inside, trying to get at different hollows, were other liquids were. Some it reached, and either backed from, or consumed and obliterated, yet with some it mixed... the black ink seemed to be breaching and... dancing? With a hot, thick, orange liquid, the two mixed with each other. Julian felt that she was close, there was more, but it might cost her. Still, she looked further. She dove to the center of the ink, to it's "heart", when she came into a still darkness... and in the middle of the darkness- a cocoon... (The party- "WTF?") and the cocoon was somehow still weaving itself, yet it had some sort of a sensory appendage. And that was focused on... something in the room! In the audience plateau! Julian could almost feel a held breath, as the cocoon's attention was nearly entirely on one thing! That was...

    But with that her sight burned entirely, and Julian crumpled to the floor, now truly blind! Yet the memory of her glimpse stayed with her. But what occupied Nocticula's attention? Julian knew she had to find out!

    DM design- Nocticula's appearance and Julian's sight
    I decided not to use the image in the module, for that looked a bit too much like a super cliched succubus, what a child might expect. I wanted to present a more mature, lest "cartoony" image, something more befitting a demon lord of ageless power. I asked bout this in one of the former "help threads", and someone mentioned Eva green. I quite liked her appearance in Sin City, where she portrayed a sort of succubus really. But I also quite liked the black/ white imagery, and that she looked like a seductress, but a mature, interesting one. It provided a different feel than the demon look. The scene with her swimming in the pool provided inspiration for her initial appearance here, though I gave a few extra touches to make it feel supernatural, and a bit awe inspiring. Thankfully, the players were in the mood to play it, and not joke about it.

    As to Julian's sight- I wanted to give the player a real benefit from what he added to the play, when she gained divine power. The player at times hindered his character and party due to her blindness (Not sure I talked about it, but for instance- her inability to view scrying, which made some teleportation impossible, or inability to target beyond her "echolocation" range, and so on) So I thought this might be cool. Mechanically, each "stage" of looking into Nocticula's soul demanded an increasing will save, for an increasing wisdom drain and level drain. Surprisingly, Julian's player rolled REALLY well on her saves (though she did use mythic surge 2-3 times), and failed only after viewing the last image! Which worked out quite nicely! Each image had some symbolism that could give hints to her character, but I let the party figure those out.

    Formal presentations

    Yet the audience did not stop for her to contemplate. Both Lilith spoke in unison "Emissaries! You stand before Lady Nocticula, ruler of The Midnight Isles. Present yourself, and state your affair with the Lady In Shadow!" The demon emissaries started.

    "I am Areelu Vorlesh, emissary of Demon Lord Deskari, Lord of the Locust Host, Ruler of the Rasping Rifts. I am The Architect of The Worldwound, Initiator of the cataclysm to come. I speak in Deskari's voice, and has it's authority in these matters. I come to offer alliance, Lady in Shadow!"
    "I am Hephazimerah, Daughter and emissary of Demon Lord Baphomet, Lord of labyrinths and secrets, ruler of The Ivory Labyrinth. I am favored of Baphomet's many offsprings, and have slayed many of them. Leader of the Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth, and creator of many great wonders and secrets. I speak in Baphomet's voice, and have it's authority in these matters. I come to offer alliance, Lady in Shadow!"
    "I am Khoramzadeh, Second emissary of the Demon lord Deskri, Lord of the Locust Host, Ruler of the Rasping Rifts. I am High general of the World wound Army, ruler of Iz, I am The Storm King! I speak as Areelu Vorlesh Second. I come to seek alliance, lady in shadow!"
    "I am Minhago, second emissary of the Demon lord Baphomet, Lord of Lbyrinths and secrets, ruler of The Ivory Labyrinth. I am the sower of discord, of mistrust of the crusade, Engineer of the mass betrayal and chaos in their ranks. I speak as Haphazimerah's second. I come to seek alliance, Lady in Shadow!"
    "I am Arulashee, Master Spy for the Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth, a researcher of mortal heroes and their… bravery… (she said mockingly) I come as adviser, consultant and companion to Minhago, serving both great demons. I come to offer alliance, Lady in Shadow!"

    It was the party's turn. They looked at each other. They didn't quite prepare anything... Sena decided to go first.

    I am Senatef Aberdeen, High priest of Calistria, Goddess of shadows, betrayal and vengeance. I am the creator of the New way, where demon and mortal can work together, for a better future. I am here on the authority of Queen Galifar, and adviser of Calistria herself. I am here to seek counsel, and peace."

    There was a tense silence. Nocticula nodded at the sisters. Lilith spoke a bit sternly, coldly. "We do not deal with mortal queens... we deal with higher beings... On who's authority do you speak?"

    Sena gulped, and answered "I speak with Calistria's authority." Nocticula nodded.

    Julian spoke next. "I am Julian Bearstorm , daughter of Diane Bearstorm, grabber of divinity, and mother to the forgotten ones, I am also one of the destroyers of the Ivory Labyrinth. (She glanced at Hephazimerah, who fumed), I represent those who refuse to yield, in Golarion and anywhere else. I have come here to ask for the denial of war."

    Again, Lilith spoke: "But on whose authority do you speak for? You claim they gave their authority to you."

    Julian retorted "I speak on Golarion's authority." Lilith responded "The world does not grant you authority."

    Julian's eyes intensified. "I speak for the 5 gods of the crusade."

    The Sister inquired. "You have their authority?" She answered "In this matter alone." The party exchanged nervous glances.

    Next was Mad Dog. "I am John Mad Dog, I am here to speak for no one but myself, I am here to aid the others, for speaking is not my strength." (I quite liked it, and decided no to pursue more. Arulashee was an aid as well after all...)

    Andera was next. "I am Andera of Numeria. I can speak on behalf of many people who seek to leave their life from tyranny and evil schemes. And as such I follow the path that Arulashee has led me here." He then turned to Nocticula, addressing her in person. "Our humble world, is a mere room in the vast palace of Lady Nocticula, so it will do her no harm if she won't let the other scheming demons to strengthen themselves over you."

    Nocticula remained passive. Lilith spoke "On whose Authority do you speak?"
    "I speak on the authority of Desna, who has led us all of this way."

    Nocticula nodded, and both Lilith bowed to the party. "Now that formalities re over, we shall begin." At that time I reached and brought out a bottle of red wine, and some glasses, and poured them for the party, who were pleasantly surprised. "We shall commence the negotiations now, You are all guets of our Lady. The negotiations will take place in a few stages. Each will have his chance to speak, for you ll have a stake in this matter- The fate, of Golarion." With that, we all raised a glass, for now we the set was... set. We drank, saluted, and smiled.

    DM's notes- introductions and celebrations
    The introductions were both to remind the players of the opponents they fight against, who are their main opponents. It was also a chance to have them express themselves. This was stepping into "The Big Game", I wanted to give the party chance to voice them selves, their process, bit more clearly. bit of a defining moment. I think each had their own style...

    Also, "On who's authority do you speak?" was meant to make the party realize the magnitude of the matter more, which they have had quite nicely.

    Choices of opposition

    After a drink, it ws Nocticula herself who spoke, not her Lilith. "Before me you stand, 4 and 4, and a companion" (She nodded briefly at Arulashee), as such, each one, shall speak against another." She nodded at the Lilith, who put a black cloth, and upon it several objects. I unwrapped a few items, and put them on the table, with the players taking quite a surprised interest- A black cloth blindfold, A bloody red knife, with speckles of white drops, a bottle of perfume, and a letter, with an enigmatic rune upon it. Each group got the 4 objects, yet then a fog separated them. Nocticula voiced. "Each of you, choose the representation of your test, of your negotiation. You will have chance to argue against your opponents, but I will have question you as well... Choose wisely."

    The party quickly realized the objects represented Nocticula's domains, spheres of influence: Blindfold- darkness, Knife- assassinations, Perfume- lust, Envelope- secrets. But what to choose? Andera spoke "We need to consider what THEY will choose as well!"
    They quickly deducted that The Storm King will probably take the knife. They thought Minhago will take either the perfume or the envelope. The other two? They were not so sure... Julian remembered Areelu's souls image- of the spider weaving the web, and deducted she will choose the envelope- secrets.

    Julian used this chance to reveal her vision of Nocticula. "She is cocoon, looking for... something here. But what?"
    Sena spoke. "Perhaps me? With what I have become?" Andera rolled his eyes. "Not everything is about you!" Sena blinked "Maybe Arulashee then?"
    The players debated this a little. ("Admit it! You shagged her! She now carries some sort of a demonic sena larvae spawn!" ) Yet they came to no conclusion.
    NOT you Sena!
    Mad Dog returned their attention to the choice. "The matter at hand?"
    They decided to each go with what they knew best. They decided as such: Andera chose the blindfold (Being sneaky in darkness), Mad Dog chose the knife, Sena chose the envelope (he always suspected people), and Julian chose the perfume (Due to her ability with words and her past part-time-succubus period (Before finding the Paradox).

    When the fog dissipated though, they found what the demon emissaries have chosen, which surprised them, a bit- The Storm King indeed chose the knife, Minhago chose the perfume, but Hephazimerah chose the envelope, and Areelu Vorlesh chose the Blindfold.
    Andera shivered "I'm going against Areelu Vorlesh?" He bluffed a smile at her. She smiled back. "Oh my..."

    The party each surveyed their opponent. This was going to be... interesting. Nocticula raised her glass, and the Lilith both put the blindfold on Andera and Areelu Vorlesh. As the world grew dark (I had the player put on the blindfold) the first negotiation commenced. "In the beginning, before all, before the world, there was only Darkness. And there we shall begin as well..."

    DM notes- Choosing a concept of negotiation
    They partly surprised me too. The items were a bit of a nice touch. A light riddle, but not a game stopping one. Also, a bit of randomness. It proved to be a nice touch, making the session bit more special, a bit more memorable.
    A bit more added tension, eh?

    On Darkness...
    As the dark enveloped Andera (And Areelu), they heard Nocticula's voice. "This. This is real Darkness- where you cannot see, cannot hear, cannot feel. When my voice is gone, there shall be nothing..." (We sat in silence for a sh
    ort while). Nocticula then began her questions.
    Andera thought, and then answered: "Opportunity. To start everything a new. When everything is suppressed, you have to find something new. I will find a way to navigate again. It is a place to start a new, a challenge.
    Areelu answered as well: "What is to me real darkness? Darkness is the lesson of fear, and conquering it. In darkness there is only you, do you fear yourself, seeking light, a distraction? Or do you look inside, to your own darkness, to your own fear, and overcome it. Darkness is my teacher."

    Nocticula questioned further: "What will you do when it engulfs you fully, with no ability of light? How will you face it?"
    Andera: "I cannot tell you until I face it, for only when you face a new situation, you will know. But I won't be confused, whether it is the fear outside me or inside me." He said, mocking Areelu's answer.
    She answered confidently: "I shall breath it in, as I have. Many times before. For in the dark, the unpleasant truth appears, but in confronting it, you either die, or grow. I have grown, many times!"

    Then came Nocticula's last question. "What is the power and value of darkness for you?"
    Andera: "The power of surprise, for I am better, covered, concealed. But it may be something new, a new advantage. I can't forsee what total darkness will be, but in it, I will find the advantage. This is what I do."
    Areelu answered, a bit repeating her previous line. "The darkness is the fear. It is the primal lesson. A tool for those who fear it, a powers to those who embrace it."

    It was then, that Nocticula addressed both, more pointedly to the negotiation:

    Andera thought quickly, and improvised. ("What CAN we offer her?") "I offer you… to lessen the powers of the two other demons. We will take care to lessen their power. Maybe it will be your chance, to make an island out of them."
    After a few moments of silence "Anything else?"
    Andera thought a few more moments, and added "I think that the experiment on Arulashee isn't finished yet... Also, I offer a thought- Who do you trust better? My offer, or some evil scheming creature?"
    Areelu laughed pleasantly "Someone whom she knows, can relate to, understands? What can Deskari offer you? I offer you plenty! I offer you the secrets of the hive mind! Deskari is the lord of swarms, and as such can offer you a mind pattern, a shape and power none other can! I offer you the power of true transformation, through the power of Nyhadrian crystals! We have tested it, and it shall grant you great power! And if that is not enough- I have studied the nature of planes, their boundries, their essence like no other! I will share my knowledge, my research, if you join us in alliance!

    This stage of the negotiation has come to and end. Both parties rolled (Andera rolled diplomacy for Areelu as well). Despite well made arguments, Andera rolled a 1... and rolled better for Areelu. At the end, it seemed that her arguments persuaded Nocticula more. The Blindfold faded, and once more they were on the dark plateau. For the party, it lasted but a few seconds. Yet by Andera's frustration, and Vorlesh mocking bow, they knew who had won this round.

    "Just my luck being the first, against her!" Andera's player grumbled. This was not a good start!

    The negotiations for the fate of the world have started, but not well...

    DM's notes- negotiations rounds
    Each such round has 2 stages: At first, Nocticula asks 3 questions relating to the concept chosen. There are no right or wrong answers. Just those who seem to show some spirituality, some thinking, and which might impress her. I had the demon emissaries answers prepared, but they are not perfect. Each makes 1 or more mistakes. For each impressing answer, the negotiator gets a +3 to their diplomacy roll to this specific negotiation.

    Then she asks (In all negotiations) what they can offer her. I wrote to myself the main things she is interested in (based on her motives, which are an enigma to the party so far, but also to the demons). Items can give a +5 to a +10 on the diplomacy roll, if they interest her. Lastly, Though not stated directly, if the party can touch on a weakness/ fault of the other side (Such as having defeated Areelu twice, which for some reason they didn't mention) they can subtract -5 from the other side.

    Each negotiation won grants a hefty bonus to the final stage (later).
    In Darkness:
    3 questions: Andera got a +6 (Second answer felt evasive), so did Areelu (Last answer felt repetitive).
    Offerings: Andera got +0. (Nothing really) but managed to snag on the betraying nature of demons (-5 to Areelu). Areelu however got a +5 (Nocticula was intrigued by the potential of transformation, though she is hesitant bout using the Nyhadrian power).

    So all in all they quite canceled each other out, but the diplomacy rolls (and Areelu's hefty modifiers) proved victorious to the demons.

    Negotiations: Party: 0, Demons: 1!

    Unfortunately you have to finish here, due to a lack of time to write. i hope to finish up later this week. Hope you like it!
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