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    Re-Posting Ryuichi

    <Sasaki Ryuichi>

    Age:Ryuichi ages slower (if at all) do to his genetics, and is able to alter his physical form down to the DNA with minor effort. His most common physical age is that of a teenager, and he tends to act like one as well.
    Chronological age: Approx 100
    Gender: Male
    Height: in his most common form he is 5ft. 3in.
    Weight: his weight never changes between forms, he's always just under 1 Ton
    Species: Ryuichi is half human; half dragon. His mother, a priestess who worshiped the dragon god, used the dragon balls about a century ago in order to wish him into conception. His father is an alternate form of Shenron: the eternal dragon
    Station: Ryuichi is a wandering fighter who searches the cosmos trying to find his "Deity father" whom he's never met.


    This is his most common and most comfortable form.

    His voice is that of a young adult, but as he can alter his body he can alter his vocal chords as well.

    He constantly smells of cherry blossoms, his mother's favorite flower as he's told.

    Ryuichi is rather lighthearted at times, but he knows when to be serious, and will adopt a fiercely serious tone when needed. He's quick to make friends, and tends to see the good in everyone (at times to his own folly)

    About a century ago a woman by the name of Sasaki Ushio sought something that we all in some way seek; love. She was born into a clad of priests and priestesses who worshiped the dragon god shenron. Being a priestess she was not allowed to wed, or engage in intercourse. This wouldn't have bothered her except that she had always wanted a child. It was this that drove her to temporarily leave on a mission that few had succeeded in. She went to find the dragon balls.

    After almost a full year of travels, and more than her fair share of adventure, she eventually found all seven (with help from some friends she made along the way) when they were gathered she went to a mountaintop near her monastery, a sacred place to her, and she brought the orbs together to make her wish.

    When shenron appeared she did something that perhaps no mortal had done previously: She had an actual conversation with him. She explained her life and asked shenron about himself and what he thought of the world. Eventually after an hour or so had passed, shenron told her that his guardian was growing tired, and she must make her wish. She had completely forgotten about that! She had planned on simply asking for a child; that was, after all, why she left in the first place, but she had better idea now.

    She wished to bear the son of shenron. He was silent for a moment as he considered. It was certainly within his power to make another Eternal Dragon himself, and putting it in a human shell was nothing.

    "Your wish has been granted" he spoke in his thundering voice, and her stomach began to glow, the light receding into her.

    Ushio then left her friends with heartfelt goodbyes as she returned to the monastery, happy with her wish and her baby on the way.

    She endured much criticism from her fellows, but as she technically hadn't broken any rules they allowed her to stay. She continued on with her duties until she was so heavy with child that she could no longer work. Sadly, hours before she went into labor she began to grow severely sick, and passed away as Ryuichi was born.

    The workers of the monastery had planned on at least caring for him until he could fend for himself, but were surprised to find he was already attempting to crawl and walk mere hours after he was born. He began talking before he was two months old, and his body grew out of its weak state within only a few years.

    One day, when Ryuichi was about five, the workers came in to find him missing. He had left in the night before; he didn't belong with these people who he knew secretly shunned him for what he had done to his mother. He left to find one of his mother's friends he had heard them speak of. A mountain man living on the continent.

    He trained with this man for decades, but the man was strangely cryptic, and refused to tell Ryuichi anything of his heritage. He lived with this man for fifty years, but he eventually died of old age, leaving Ryuichi on his own again.

    The man had mentioned something about his father being a very, very powerful deity, and as most powers came from beyond earth, he decided to leave the planet. Along the beginning of his travels he encountered what looked like a wormhole, he entered it foolishly to test his mettle, and emerged unharmed minutes later. Unbeknownst to him this launched him far back in time into an alternate timeline of reality.

    Story So Far:
    During the last fifty or so years Ryuichi has been searching the cosmos for his father to no avail. Through his time he faced many powerful foes, even stopping at planet plant to have a sword forged using Sayan crafting and Tuffle technology, along with his inherent magic.

    He eventually caught wind of artifacts known as "dragon balls" that could summon a powerful being; this was his only lead so he decided to return to earth. He intends to use these to ask the being where and who is father is.

    After finding out his father was RyuShen, an alternate god form of Shenron, Ryuichi has decided to dedicate his time unlocking the secrets of his eternal dragon heritage. He plans on learning most of this from Que and Zoyl, but some things they won't be able to teach him. His current goal is to grow strong enough to unlock his magic himself.



    Entered game at 38,000 PL

    Ryuichi has a literal century of training under his belt when it comes to martial arts and swordplay. He's learned every eastern style of fighting as well as styles from a multitude of other worlds.

    Due to intensive training with Que, Ryuichi's speed has been drastically increased. His speed at distances less than 10 Miles is only a half second slower than instant transmission.

    Ryuichi also has the ability to create an afterimage. Rather than using ki to move though, he simply moves so fast for a short distance that his image and ki signature remain in the previous location for a second. He can currently have up to 5 afterimages active at once. While they technically aren't copies, it has the effect of their being more than one of him for a split second.

    After seeing a combat maneuver even once Ryuichi can usually perfectly recreate it.

    He doesn't know many Ki abilities due to his general lack of need, but he has found some useful.

    Instant transmission
    Break cannon
    Ki blast (generic and fire based)
    Kameahmeah and galick gun
    And explosive wave
    Given time he's able to quickly learn Ki moves, but must see them in practice.

    He can also transform his own body, but these differences almost never affect his Power level. When he changes into a race he's familiar with he gains the abilities of said race. (I.e. Turning saiyan and then going super with training) when he learns an ability this way he can use it (or a variation of it) in all of his forms.

    He also knows how to use more general magic, but lacks the training to use it effectively in combat (aside from magical materialization)

    (he does not know the name of this ability)

    he currently only has one form that increases his power. It's a form in which he transforms the individual atoms and cells in his body, as well as his mind, and almost every aspect of his body to go into overdrive. This multiplies his power by a factor of 9, and lasts for a maximum of 24 hours. The price is that then for the next 30 hours he has overactive damaged cells and lacks the strength to fix it, effectively giving him excruciating cancer and forcing him to rest until he can change back. He is not at risk of dying from the cancer, but is extremely weak during this time.

    The equation for this is currently: Power level times nine for X hours, then he is incapacitated for X times 1.25 hours

    As he grows in power he intends to raise the factor as well as lessen or do away with the aftereffect.

    Other information:

    Ryuichi carries a sword he refers to as Talon. It can cut through anything, but cannot harm a good person.

    He also wears a robe styled shirt that is made of similar material to what friezas army would where in the future, his pants and boots are of the same make.

    Spoiler: Ryuichi's Alternate Timeline
    when Shenron's guardian eventually died he gave all of his remaining power to Shenron with one purpose: Make Shenron into an actual god. In the final moments his guardian made his own wish, that Shenron's life now be independent of his own.

    Over the years Shenron became earths protector and it's only deity, honing his ki and magic to become entirely individual of all other dragons past and present.

    He still answers to the dragon balls (by his own choice) and while his power is great enough to grant nearly any wish now, he still follows his own self appointed rules.

    Essentially all of the events in the show happened in this universe, but with slight variations that will probably never be specified.

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