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    Age: Equivalent to his mid 20s
    Gender: Male
    Height: slightly below 5ft
    Weight: 120Lbs
    Species: Arcosion, also known as Frost Demon, Changeling, and Ice-jin.
    Station: Wandering Exile

    base form is on the short side-like, slightly shorter than frieza's most heavily sealed form, and looks in general like a combination of first and true form Frieza, with just a tiny hint of third form on the back-head has no horns and is mostly round, and the face most resembles true form, but the sides of the head are armored like first form's. The rest of the body is similar-it looks like first form, but the chest and back are armored like frieza's are in all of his forms but final, and with the.. the best I can describe them are the "natural bracers and grieves" he had, and the armored tip on an otherwise smooth tail. he's also got three short spikes protruding from his back-that's part of the default frieza race options in Xenoverse, and I thought it looked cool.

    The unarmored skin is pale turquoise and the parts on the head, chest and shoulders that are purple on Frieza would be a darker blue on Ieez. the rigged portions on arm and leg carapace would be a purer turquoise than his skin unarmored skin, and to contrast with all of the blues, the carapaced portions would be red.

    In his second form, Ieez shoots up half a foot and the carapace on his head recedes, leaving his head unarmored, except on his face where his mount and nose are covered by a face plate. His muscles become more toned, and his Carapace comes to resemble the "Elite" Bio-Suit armor, save for a series of small spikes going down his spine. Finally, a pair of small, black horns erupt from the back of his skull.

    Ieez is driven by the sense of vengeance: His ultimate Goal is to avenge his father and overthrow the Arcorisian Imperial Family, who are corrupt, decadent, and tyrannical.

    After a year of training and meditation, he's much calmer and almost sage like.

    I'm thinking that a small group of people thought that what the still small Empire was doing was wrong, tried to overthrow the imperial family, and failed horribly. They were executed, and their families were exiled from the empire's territory.

    Enter Ieez (pronounced EE-ez, corruption of Ice). The son of one of the revolutionaries, he and his brother were sent out of the empire with nothing but a simple, bare bones two person ship, and enough supplies to a trade planet in neutral territory.

    Visions of vengeance burn in Ieez's imagination, and he dreams of one day growing strong enough to return to the empire and fulfil the plans of his father and his father's compatriots. But, he's week-just a grunt soldier, if that, power wise.

    Eventually he and his brother found their way to a primitive, backwater planet far away from any claimed territory. Maybe he can take over, train the inhabitants in his ways to raise an army? But most likely, it's just a secluded place to train himself-to grow strong.

    He hopes it's enough.

    Story So Far:
    Arrived on earth, stashed ship in a cave up high on a mountain where the air is too thin for native, acquired concealing robe, wondering planet looking for magical items to increase his power, mentors to study froom, or strong opponents to fight in hopes of one day growing strong enough to fulfill his goals.

    He and his brother have heard rumors about the Fountain of youth and Korin's tower. Ieez scaled the tower and has found his way to the look out.

    After being sent to get his asskicked by Kami, Ieez desided against assisting the Guardian of the Earth in repairing his lookout unless he recived proper compensation, and when the god of the earth refused, Ieez and his brother fled.

    After assisting tin the return of stolen goods to a forge Priest and the liberation of a city from it's tyrant, Ieez participated in a trip to Fortuneteller Baba's home.

    Original Power Level:120
    Current Power Level: 10,000(true form)
    20,000(First Transformation)
    Ki Use: a year of careful training and meditation has made Ieez's ki control almost perfect in his True form and very good after his second transformation. He can actively suppress his Ki imperceptibly low and it is passively at a 5 in his True form. His second form, being much more powerful, requires a bit more effort, he can actively suppress his power level to 350 and passively it's at about half. His third form, however, is relatively recently unlocked, and thus has incredibly poor control. He reads at his full power and can't suppress it,as well as bleeding power off like crazy whenever active. However, Ieez can not sense Ki, and thus has to rely on a scouter. In addition to flight and
    • Red Giant: A small,star shaped enrgy ball that explodes on contact. A varaible amount of power can be placed into it, resulting in a explosion of variable size, Created by Slushya of Arcos, and tought to Ieez, though Ieez wasn't able to use it until after Slusya's death.
    • Stellar Wave: Basically a wight and Purple Basic Kamehameha, inspire by Oxy's use of the wave and insistence that everybody learn some version of it
    • Stellar Lance: a concentrated energy wave fired from the finger tips, with considerable piercing power. Inspired by Oxy's use of dodonpa, but purple.

    Psionics: Over a year of training and meditation has awakened Ieez's latent psionic potential. It currently manifests as
    • Psychokinesis: Ieez possess Telekinetic powers, though that's about it.

    Hand to Hand Combat: While still noticeably better than other warriors who lack Ki use, among Ki users he's the worse side of average. Kicking and punching is not his forte. However, he has very good reflexes and is incredibly fast for someone his power level, both on the ground and in the air,
    in his first and second forms.

    Arcosian Anatomy:As an Arcosian Ieez is incredibly resilient, having a nervous system with multiple redundancies, the ability to survive in vacuum and resist space radiation, and breath without an atmosphere, as well as the ability to survive frightening injuries, though he is in no hurry to test the limits of this.

    Shape-Shifting: Ieez is an Arcosian, and thus possess their ability to Shapeshift. Furthermore, he has two transformation in linear form, the purpose of which is to help him draw on his hidden potential. His second form doubles his power level.

    Eternal Youth: Drinking from the fountain of youth has rendered Ieez ageless and significantly bolstered his immune system

    Other information:

    Ieez owns 1 simple, bare bones two man spacecraft, which is currently hidden away in a wasteland, one thin but concealing hooded robe, and one incredibly primitive scouter.

    Bio-Android RP05: codename "Deoxyribonucleic Acid"(self re-dubbed Oxyribo because his code name was too long to remember)

    Age: Biologically equatable to young teens, chronologically 5
    Gender: Technically a hermaphrodite, but looks and identifies as male.
    Height: about the size of an average 15 year old human.
    Weight: approximately half again the weight of an average 15 year old human
    Species: Bio-android/clone, hybridization the DNA extracted from Namekian, Arcosian, and Saiyan Descended human donors, as well as several naturally athletic or intelligent humans and several reptiles and arthropods. And a dragon. And a little bit of Shin
    Station: Temporally displaced clone with an attitude and a complex, God-King of Oxy city(formerly Telgana)

    Spoiler: Imperfect Form
    Spoiler: Perfect form
    Oxy's perfect form resembles his imperfect form, save helacs elbow spikes, his beak is replaced by a human like nose and mouth, and his Arcosian ears are smaller and narrower. His beetle-wing-things are smaller, rounder, and folded up tighter to his back.

    His Carapace is receded from his face, slightly, and looks like it could be armor rather than part of his body(though close inspection proves it's his body.

    Finally, his feet have morphed into a silvery boot-like structure

    Oxyribo normally sounds like a teen-aged human, but his voice becomes raspy when he screams or becomes angry or frustrated. He smells like the halfway point between an excessively clean namekian and an excessively clean human, minus the scents of cleaning chemicals or perfumed soaps.

    Oxyribo is arrogant and narcissistic, but this hides an inferiority complex-he's trying to prove to everyone, even himself, that he isn't a failed experiment.
    One of his donors, a particularly foul tempered Crane Sage, is a descendant of the Saiyan Prince Vegeta, and a large portion of Oxyribo's default personality is derived from this donor, who shared his royal ancestors temper. This leads to bad things happening when Oxy pursues his goals. however, an other of Oxy's donors was a Kind Hearted Namekian of the Dragon Clan(Ironically a poko summoner) and personality traits inherited from him prevent the bio android from doing anything too heinous in pursuit of his goals.

    Oxy has mixed feelings about the scientists who created him, the army they served under, his "prototype" to use his own words for the original bio-android, and the creator of the Red Ribbon's original androids-In note Oxy will openly praise the Genius Dr Gero and the glorious leader Cyborg 09 in one breath and then curse them in the next.

    Beyond that, being an adolescent Bio-android leads to Oxyribo being a bit of a brat.

    After a kerfuffle with Callins and a pep talk with 23, Oxy is no longer focused on his goal of travelling back to kill cell, but still wishes to prove himself superior, which he intend to do by reaching the full potential of his donors, which Cell never did, and by becoming a deity.

    Originally hailing from a small branch off of the Main Timeline in the Age 1000(so, Dragon Ball Online's timeline), Oxy was the fifth attempt by Scientists serving in the Red Pants Army, under the orders of it's leader Cyborg 9, to recreate the greatest of Dr Gero's creations-the bio-android Cell.

    They came so close, even made some improvements on the original design and found a way to integrate infinite energy generators directly into him during gestation, but a poor choice of donors, and flaws in recreating the infinite energy generators in such a way as to be properly integrated resulted in poor Oxy being designated a failure, as even in his "perfect" form, he never came close to the power possessed by Cell.

    Oxyribo became obsessed with proving himself a "perfect" being-he'd pick fight he knew he couldn't win to demonstrate his Zenkai. He'd hunt down and consume monsters in the wilderness around the base he was created in, but it all proved for not. One day, he snapped, he destroyed the gestation tank for his "brother" Bio-android RP06 and consumed what little organic matter survived, before rampaging through the base.

    Unfortunately for Oxy, that base soon became ground zero for a 3-way conflict between not only the Red Pants Army, but the Time breakers(who were also experimenting with the recreation of Cell) and the Time Patrol(trying to stop the Time Breakers. In the confusion, Oxyribo stole an experimental time machine and escaped-getting the "bright Idea" that if he went back in time and absorbed the original Cell, that would prove he was a perfect organism-one way or another.

    Unfortunately, not knowing how to work a time machine resulted in Oxy finding himself, unknowingly, in a timeline far removed from his own, and being one of Red Pant's experimental machines, it only had enough juice for one trip.

    While he doesn't know it, This timeline already has a few visitors.

    Story So Far:
    Arrived in the past. Hunted down and ate a giant desert scorpion.

    Almost fought Android 23, but the fight was aborted when he accidentally blasted Callins. Oxy has currently allied himself with Callins and 23, and has absorbed biomass from a dead dragon.

    currently he is trying to obtain clay in order to make an eternal dragon, which originally involved testing combat golems, but now involves fighting the God-King of a militaristic, slave holding, police state.

    After defeating said God-King, Oxy absorbed some of his Biomass and then took over the city. Mostly because he'd backed himself into a corner.

    Later he warned another City about emissaries from his own city, and learned about the specific point in time he was in, he led the others to Fortuneteller Baba's, hoping to find the dragon balls. However an extended kerfuffle resulted in a party split.

    Oxy was scouring the earth to find the Dragon balls before they become active again, but returned to the group due to a combination of frustration and sensing several high power levels.

    After the clearing of the Trials of Fortune Teller Baba, Oxy, the androids, and Aspa went to retrieve the Dragon Balls left behind... But a kerfuffle between Callins and Kami resulted in a fight and a difficult defeat of the Earth's God.

    Then there was a kerfuffle over Oxy's creation of Demon Stones, which led to him leaving the Shenron to forge them again...Where he was attacked by sociopath named Lagerin, who desired Oxy's power, and brought an Army of demons with him, half attacking Oxy's city and the other attacking another City to distract Oxy's allies Lagerin was slain, but so were many civilian casualties and Callins. After yet another Kerfuffle, Oxy's current goal is to gather the remaining dragon balls and recreate them to resurrect Callins and the civilians murdered by Lagerin's forces.

    After an encounter with Sun Kai's daughter, and being joined by a pair of snake Spirits, Oxy was able to recreate the Dragonballs and ressurect Callins.

    Original Power level:300
    Current Power Level: 36,960

    Bio-mechanical organism: Oxyribo, while made of organic matter, is technically a machine. His brain for example is merely a hyper advanced Biological computer that was programmed as normal. because of this, Oxy Posses a near perfect memory and a somewhat patchwork historical record that unbeknownst to him is entirely worthless in this timeline.

    Genetic Memory: Oxyribo, like Cell before him, posses genetic memory of the powers and techniques of his genetic donors-most importantly, his 10 Saiyan Descended Human, and Namekian, and Arcosian donors. While he can't use all of the techniques as of yet, Plenty of techniques exist in his genetic memory. His accessible techniques are as follows.
    Spoiler: Physical
    • Wolf Fang Fist: A Techniques created by Yamcha, a Ki enhanced punch. A wolf shaped aura apears behind the warior or around the Warriors fist
    • Mystic Attack: A technique possessed by Namekians and some Arcosians. The ability to stretch limbs. Oxy can use it with his arms

    Spoiler: Spiritual/Energy
    • Kamehameha: Basic Energy wave. Powerful for the skill level it's available at. Very Versatile, and many variations exist
    • Super Kamehameha: Bigger, more powerful Kamehameha
    • Concentrated Kamehameha: Like th Basic Kamhameha, but concentrated into a smaller range, making it more potent but affecting a smaller area
    • Focused Kamehameha: Stronger than the Basic Kamehameha, but not as powerful as the Super Kamehameha. Rather than a proper wave, it's focused into a wide beam, concentrating ti's destructive power but restricting it to a single potential target
    • Masenko: A Basic Energy wave, created by King Piccolo
    • Dodonpa: A concentrated enrgy beam. Slightly more powerful than the basic Kamehameha
    • Spirit Ball: A Technique created by Yamcha. Small concentrated ball of enrgy that can be fired but redirected easily. Primarily used as a bludgeon.
    • Paralysis Wave: A weak enrgy blast with a chance to paralyze anyone it hits for a few moments
    • Energy Cannon. A simple mid powered energy blast.
    • Energy Bullets: Oxy fires multiple hire powered, concentrated enrgy blasts from wither his hands or his staff
    • Eye Beams: A combination of the Eye beam techniques used by Kami and by Frieza Clansmen, Oxy shoots purple and gold enrgy Beams from his eyes. He can fire them in a continuous form for accuracy or in pulse form for power.
    • Healing Wave: Basic healing technique of the Namekian Dragon Clan
    • Kami's Hope: Infuses the one it's used on with healing Ki, healing them a small but noticible amount every two seconds for ten seconds.
    • Kami's Will: Heals a significant amount of damage and restores an unconscious person to consciousness
    • Solar Flare: Creates a bright flash, temporarily blinding those looking.
    • Instantaneous Movement: Oxy Teleports instantly to a location that he can picture clearly in his mind. When using it, he floats in the air, and gains a calm, aura before he fazes out of view and reapers elsewhere.
    • Flute's Pocket Dimension: Oxy can store certain objects in the pocket dimension the Demon/Dragon Spirit Flute resides in, as long as they have been specially treated via a ritual involving the channeling of his ki and drawing a the rune for Flute on the object in Oxy's blood. So far, Oxy can only store his staff as such. This is Oxy's only original technique
    • Matter Materialization: Oxy can use the Namekian version of Matter Materialization

    Spoiler: Weapon Techniques
    • Demon stone Proficiency: Above average proficiency in the use of Demon Stones.
    • First Law of the Demon Stones: Oxy focuses his enrgy into his demon stones and fires large Ki needles from his them high into the air, where they become sharp stone shards and come down, slamming into a small area that Oxy can see, potentially crushing anyone in the are
    • Demon Stone Flash:Oxy fires long, arching Ki needles from his Demon Stones, which are bolstered by his own Ki
    • Poko Frenzy: Oxy draws enrgy from his Demon Stones and mixes it with his own enrgy, conjuring a raw of powerful, concentrated energy balls before him, which transform into javelins of concentrated enrgy and fly forward like a barrage of missiles
    • Staff Proficiency: Above Average Proficiency in the use of staves
      [8]Staff Slash: Oxy Charges his Staff with Ki and then strikes with it, the ki making it hit much harder than a normal staff strike
    • Ignite: Oxy charges his enrgy and infuses it into his Staff, then swings the staff, creating a line of enrgy in the ground, which explodes in flame. This ability is a result of Namekian Sorcery.

    Above Average Martial Arts capacity: While the bio-android lacks lacks training and finesse, his genetic memory and the natural athleticism of some fo his donors gives him an above average skill in a small but versatile variety of martial arts techniques, particularly in the area of Dragon Clan Style, united Sage Style, and to a lesser extent Demon Style, which he has been training himself in

    Hybrid Nature: Between all of Oxyribo's saiyan descended donors the scientist who created him were able to patch together enough genes to give him an imperfect version of the Saiyan's zenkai ability-when ever he is grievously injured, his power level increases "Amputation/organ removal=10% increase" "Multiple amputation/near fatal injury=20% increase" "Pile of gore/less than 50% original mass/injuries that require outside help to regenerate from=50% increase." He posses Namekian Regenerative abilities, meaning as long as his central nervous system is intact will will eventually regenerate any injury, and his Arcosian Donors means he can survive horrific injury(as well as completely redefining what "intact" means in the context of his central nervous system. Oxyribo doesn't know if he could replicate his "prototype's" famed complete regeneration from a single cell, and he really hopes he never finds out-just because he can grow back limbs or organs, does not mean it doesn't sting like a bitch. After absorbing blood donated by Iris, Oxy's vision has increased to Super Strong Levels, even by the standards of Ki users. After consuming the remains of Solitus, Oxy is a mortal with godly ki.

    Minor shape-shifting: Oxy possesses a minor version of Arcosian shape-shifting, however, all he can do with it is extend his retracted tail, which he tends to do during combat for use as a natural weapon.

    Replenishing energy: Oxyribo is in his "perfect" form, meaning he posses three infinite energy Generators within himself... However, the recreation of Dr, Gero's design was flawed, and the method by which he converts the artificial energy into Ki is inefficient, meaning that he does not, in fact, have infinite Ki. However, his reserves do slowly replenish with little effort on his part-though he can accelerate this process with great effort and concentration on his part, at cost of becoming a sitting duck. Consuming the bio-mass of the son of Sun-Kai means that Oxy's energy replenished more quickly when exposed to sunlight. His Third Generator is higher quality, however,and produces more enrgy: Oxy never gets tired.

    Flight: Oxyribo can fly using the Namekian Version of the Sky-dancing technique, which is augmented by anti-gravity technology he absorbed from General Turquoise and by trace amounts of Pegasus magic from DNA donated by starlight

    Dragon Ball Creation: Oxy is capable of creating Dragon Balls due to possesing the techniques and skills of two prodigies of the Dragon Clan

    Ki user: Oxy possesses an above average degree of mastery of the use of his Ki for flight, enrgy blasts, and can sense ki. His Ki use is incredibly efficient. He can sense godly ki.

    Bio-mass absorption:
    Being a bio-Android, Oxyribo can extend his tail and absorb bio-mass through it to increase his power, add new genetic traits to his own, or incorporate new sources of information into his genetic memory

    Knowledge of Kaioken: Several of Oxy's genetic donors were capable of using the Kaioken technique, placing it in Oxy's genetic memory, but he lacks the training in both Ki use and body training to use the technique himself for more than a few techniques. He was only vaguely aware of his knowledge of the technique until shortly after traveling through time.: After Defeating Solitus, Oxy can maintain the Kaioken for several minutes.

    "Child" of The Sun: After absorbing Solitus, Son of the Sun, immoral bastard sun of Sun Kai, Oxy posses trace amounts of sun themed godly Ki. In addition to the normal effects of possessing godly ki, Oxy is immune to the harmful effects of the sun.

    Alicorn Magic: Thanks to Starlight's Donated Blood, Oxy has some degree of use in pony magic-unicorn magic improving his control of his energy, Pegasus magic helping him fly and allowing him to walk on clouds, and earth pony magic increasing his durability and physical strength. However, between the earth pony magic and increased base durability from the Pony DNA, Oxy now only get's Zenkai boosts when reduced to 50% or less of his original biomass, though retains the full 50% or greater boost from such injuries

    Tuffle Biology: Thanks to Callins blood, Oxy has some tuffle level intelligence.

    Other information:

    One time machine with out enough juice to move through time, capable of being encapsulated.

    One pair of demon stones, contracted to the brutish Banjo, the Flying Kazoo, and the lung like Flute

    One high Quality metal staff, forged from steel allowed with trace amounts of Katchin and Sky gold,kindly provided by Pokasuu after some trial and error.

    One magically conjured set of God Tier Heir of Light pajama's.

    Spoiler: Genetic Donors
    Spoiler: Human(Saiyan descended)
    General Turquoise, real name Beelzebub: A Master Martial Artist and Swordsman,having skill in Unified Warrior style and it's component Styles, as well as being a master of Kikokenjutsu. Carries a Steel ,Katchin, sky gold alloy Japanese style long sword, which is almost indestructible and is specially forged to allow easy channeling of Ki. He claims to be a direct descendant of Mr.Satan, which would also make him a descendant of Son Goku through their shared granddaughter, Pan, but while he is confirmed to be part saiyan, his exact ancestry is unknown. If he is truthful in his claims, than he is a disgrace to both of his ancestors as he has neither his saiyan ancestor's inherent goodness,nor his human ancestor's heroic heart

    Chāhan: An All around fighter, fond of rods and staves. He loves fighting but has a good, strong heart. Of all of Oxy's donors, he's the most skilled at using the Kaioken. His Saiyan ancestry is unknown.

    Boxers: A confirmed direct descendant of Vegeta,though he is a sage rather than a warrior and follows the Teachings of Tien. One of the few Naturally Occurring Super Saiyans. Like his ancestor, he is prideful and has a temper,but also like his ancestor he's a good person deep down and will cast aside his pride for those he cares about, and is deadly with a war fan

    Amondo: A Turtle Sage, fallowing the teachings of Krillin over a century old but looks no older than his early forties due to drinking from the fountain of youth. His saiyan ancestry is unknown. He's a pacifist who believes that the martial arts ans Ki use are meant to reach enlightenment, but is willing to get violent when defending others or against someone evil, and talking has failed. Even still, he never fights all out unless lives are on the line and the opponent is unrepentantly evil. Carries a scepter that doubles as a walking stick

    Spoiler: Namekian
    Snairo: A Namekian Dark Warrior with a strong desire to prove himself in battle but a good,strong heart and a great respect for the teachings of Piccolo. Is considered a master of Modern Warrior Style,as well as it's component styles, Namekian Warrior Style and Demon Clan Style, and of course the Dark Warriors signature talon Gauntlets

    Bass: A Mutant Namekian Warrior with red skin and a pair of horns in place of his antenna. Rotten to the core, he's the second in command of a group of dangerous criminal mercenaries called the Akuma. He's trained as a Shadow Night and has the training in Modern Warrior Style and in the use of a battle ax to back it up, but is considered to be a disgrace to the Teachings of Piccolo.

    Cephelo: A Kind Hearted(Ironically) Dragon Clan Namekian who belongs tot he Poko Priests. Has a great Respect for Kami-Sama but does not follow his teachings, as he believes that he can do more good fighting directly and supporting his allies in the field than as serving almost exclusively as a medic. He holds a contract with a brutish Demon Spirit known as Guitar, a flyer called Piano(No connection to King Piccolo's son) and a serpent named Clarinet

    Sitar: A Dende Priest. Exceptionally powerful and a master of all aspects of the dragon clan and of the Teachings of Kami-Sama, but only knows combat skills for self defense. Primarily a pacifist and highly spiritual. Tends to the spiritual needs of other and volunteers his services to the sick and injured at a Free Clinic in West City

    Spoiler: Frieza Clansman
    Black Ice: Was a mutant,not unlike Frieza, though thankfully not as strong or as intelligent. Worked for the Red Pants Army. In lie of using transformations to suppress his power,he chose to equip a specially designed Cosmic Suit He is a master of arcosian wrestling and moderately skilled at a few other fighting styles, he was quite proficient with a glaive for when his fists proved in efficient. Though he did posses some degree of proficiency with energy balls. He was slain by Saiyan descended human in the time patrol,who sniped a dragon ball wish out from under him,as he was too stupid to think of a back up wish ahead of time.

    Frigged: An Arcosian who unlocked and mastered his races latent Telekinetic abilities, which led to a great deal of proficiency with Ki blasts. Carries a pair of long, needle like metal wands that primary serve to help focus and concentrate his ki, thus improving his energy blasts and telekinetic abilities. An amoral sociopath, he is the leader and most skilled member of a group of mercenaries called "The Akuma", who will kill anyone for the right price, and have bounties in all four directional capitals,the main capital,and satan City on earth, as well as in several smaller cities on Earth and in the capitals of a dozen other planets

    Majin Pokasuu

    Age: 20ish
    Gender: N/A, but looks and presents as female
    Height: 5'2''
    Weight: about half what you'd think for someone of her height and body type would way
    Species: Majin
    Station: Acrobatic Majin wondering how the hell she got here

    Pokasuu is, obviously, Majin with a powder blue colored skin tone, wide, curious eyes that are a bright pink against jet black sclera. Like most Majin she has no nose, and her ear holes are round, almost flat, and are usually covered by her head tentacles.

    speaking of which, she has one primary head tentacle that is long ans starts from the middle of her head and goes backwards, to between he shoulders, like a pony tail, two secondary tentacles start from a point at the top of her head that is perpendicular to her temples and pull to the side, covering her ears and framing her face, and some of her head tissue is shaped to give the impression of a short, title surged hairdo that's slicked back a bit(think like, Taino's "hair" but with the two extra tentacles I described.)

    She holds a medium build, and is dressed in flowing, baggy, Arabic style silk cloth pajama, the sort of half tank top/half sport's bra that is commonly worn by female majins, both or which are dark blue(though the top has a stylized infinity symbol embroidered on it in gold thread), over the top she wares a thin, open metamoran style vest(though the neck and shoulder's are less poofy)-the vest itself is Pink, while the poofy bits are white.

    Up and down her arms, at her collar, and on either side of her head are small circular opening s that vent steam when she's pissed off. the ones on her arms are the largest, while the ones at he color and on her head are so small as to be invisible when closed.

    She wears red gloves with dark blue wrist guards(also with gold embroidery), and a pair of pointy slippers in purple, that leave her ankles exposed.

    She kind of looks like a character from some sort of movie or TV show about a female Genie, the way she dresses(though not that one)

    Sometimes, in a fight, she puts on a mask that is the traditional comedy mask from the right to the middle, but reverses and become tragedy from the middle to the left. The tragedy half is bright magenta and the comedy half is dark blue

    After absorbing Choro Majutsu-Shi and Barbara the Devil Girl, Pokasuu's primary head tentacle has grown longer and thicker, and she sometimes wear's a witches robe and hat or the demon girl's skirt.

    Pokasuu is, like most Majin's, really fun to be around and rather playful and somewhat childish... as long as she's not seriously confused or steaming mad. Furthermore, like most Majin's she has an appetite the size of a teen aged super saiyan and all of her teeth are sweet teeth.

    Pokasuu didn't have many friends growing up and none when she came back in time, but not for lack of trying it's just. There was a war. Lot's of ki users were recruited. Still, the lack of friends before means she'll be fiercely protective of any new friends she makes.

    Once you're her friend, you're her's for life.

    Pokasuu doen'st put much stock in things like a home-she just doesn't get sentimental about those things.

    She is musically inclined(preferring to sing or play the tambourine) and she also seems to have some sort of pathological obsession with hugs.

    Should a friend die, she mourns them and always will, but she won't be sad-to be sad is to define the relationship only by how it ends, or so she thinks. Still, if there was a way

    Pokasuu grew up out in the middle of nowhere, to the parents Majin Hokasuu and Majin Kassamuu, in the age 910s. Unfortunately, in her timeline, there was a war and her parents were killed in the crossfire. Being a prodigy in Ki use, Pokasuu was recruited by the military. She took easy to use of Majin Magic and more traditional ki techniques, and is a quite proficient wonder majin.

    However, her side lost and all of her friends were killed or lost, and worse, she found herself somewhere new after the blast. Now she doesn't know where or when she is.

    Story So Far:
    nothing, really


    Original Power Level:145
    Current Power Level: 10,000 (10,055), but can be suppressed as low as 20 and is at 200 when Pokasuu is at a passive state., absorbing Choro and Barbara adds there collective Power levels(54 and 1) to her own.

    Ki Use: Pokasuu is a Prodigious user of Ki, being able to fire basic ki blasts and fly using negligible amounts of Ki(though other techniques drain her reserves as normal, as does sustained high speed flight or sustained kii barrages.) Pokasuu possess similar levels of skill at majin magic.
    • Doule Whammy Ball: a concentrated enrgy Ball launched from the face. Not very powerful
    • Continued Homing Shot-fires several low level ki blasts that home in on the target. other than homing ability and the fact that they drain a noticeable amount of energy, they are otherwise exactly like basic blasts
    • Vanishing Beam-a large spherical pink energy wave, pink in color, that is roughly comparable in power to the Kamehameha. Can be super charged.
    • Dark Energy-two low powered vanishing beams fired from either hand and combined. less powerful than the vanishing beam, but effects a conical area
    • Vanishing ball-Vanishing beam reshaped into a large sphere and thrown. shape change concentrates it six times in power, but damage is divided evenly through a six meter area. Can be super charged
    • Majin Kamehameha-roughly as powerful as the Super Kamehameha, this variant, created by Majin Buu, is functionally identical to the aforementioned technique in all ways except color(it's pink).
    • Mini Majin Kamehameha: A Pink Majin version of the basic Kamehameha
    • Galactic Doughnut: A golden band of Ki, used to retrain a target
    • Human Extinction Attack: Pokasuu doen'st know why it's called that, but this attack is essentially a bunch of enrgy blasts that are fired into the air before arcing down, hitting multiple targets.

    Majin(And other) Magic: The Majin are famed for possession of magic powers-the most well known are the various antenna beams they use, particularly the Chocolate Beam which turn things it hit's into various candies, cookies, puddings, or, of course, chocolates, and Dark Beams which inflict various status effects.
    • Prestidigitation-the most basic use of Majin Magic, this covers minor illusions, changing the temperature of an object a few degrees, or teleporting an object s short distance. You know, basic stage magic, except for real
    • Matter Materialization-the ability to make physics shut the HFIL up and sit down, this magical effect common to many of the more mystically inclined spiritualists is the ability to make matter appear from nothing, either temporarily or permanently. Often used to make clothing, Pokasuu primarily uses it to create matter to turn into sweets, or to temporarily create confetti, cherry blossoms, or colored smoke when she feels like making an entrance.
    • Chocolate Beam-caster fires an energy beam from her head tentacle(s) that turns the target into some kind of sweet. living organisms can resist. Once it was always permanent, but since Majin Buu's evil half was destroyed, use on living beings never lasts longer than a minute and a half
    • Weakening Dark Beam-this variation on the Dark Beam temporarily damages the target's ability to channel their Ki, managing energy based attacks more difficult and less effective
    • Poisonous Dark Beam-this dark beam infuses the target with a poisonous ki that slowly damages them from the inside out until it's works its way through them several seconds or minutes later
    • Stony Dark Beam: Turns a target to stone temporarily
    • Pyro Barrage: Uses Demonic Magic to summon many balls of magical fire, comparable in size and power to basic enrgy blasts, which h she then hurls at one or more targets
    • Cryo Barrage: As Pyro barrage, but with shards of magical Ice.
    • Element Manipulation: Poka can conjure and manipulate Fire and Ice using Barbara's Demon Magic.
    • Demon Spear: Pokasuu can summon/conjure a magical, but otherwise normal spear at will.

    Karma Techniques: Pokasuu is trained in the use of a karma mask. In addition to the effects of donning the mask, Pokasuu can only use certain techniques while wearing it
    • Mask Light-once the mask is donned, fires a short but powerful energy wave from the face. More powerful than Vanishing Beam, but less powerful than the Majin Kamehameha
    • Homing Storm-Like continuous homing shot, but twice as many ki blasts, twice as fast, and each blast is half again as powerful
    • RaRa eruption: Pokasuu dons her mask and dances, before ki explodes out from her

    Spear Use: Pokasuu has gotten a great deal of practice using a demonic spear she can conjure as a result of absorbing Barbara the Devil Girl.

    Super Breath: a Technique that allows the user to inhale large quantities of air and infuse it with Ki, before exhaling it. The basic technique creates a strong gust of wind that pushes the target or targets back with concussive force, while a more potent variant focuses the same gust of wind into a cutting edge. The most powerful variants(called Flame Shower Breath) infuse the air with so much Ki that the attack resembles a powerful energy wave, and the most potent becomes genuine firebreathing, but Pokasuu lacks the skill and power to use those variants. She can put a variable amount of power into it's knock back and cutting variants, which thus requires a variable amount of air. high powered versions tend to make her inflate like a balloon.

    Hard to Hurt: Majins don't really have bones, organs, or even cells the way other living organism do, and their tissues are stretchy and bouncy to an unbelievable degree and tend to turn to goo whenever it's convenient. Furthermore, Majin's seem to posses conscious in their entire body and can easily reconstitute themselves should their tissues be removed(and the more powerful ones can turn severed portions of their body into weaker copies of themselves, though they must eventually rejoin) and should part of their body be destroyed beyond what they can reconstitute, they can seemingly create mass from nowhere to replace the lost tissues(though oddly, this is the only case where they can regenerate). while atomization is not required to kill any of the majin's(except maybe Buu) anymore, it's still hard to put them down and keep them down.

    Absorption: All Majin posses the ability to absorb other's to add that other's power to their own, though unlike the original Majin Buu none of them can permanently fuse with their absorbies. This work's by either the majin turning to goo and engulfing the victim or by a severed body part doing the same before being reabsorbed by the majin, or sometimes, rarely, when a victim of the chocolate beam. This add's the power level, skills, and abilities of the victim to the majin's own. Physically the Majin begins to resemble the one's absorbed in someway, and their clothes may change to resemble the most recent victim or the most powerful. The length of head tentacle's usually increases with each absorption. an absorption victim can resist being absorbed by coating himself with a barrier,, which will result in them merely being shrunken, not integrated into the Majin's body, and they can thus escape from the body or rip other victims out of the majin to rescue them. A Victim leaving the body restores them to full size, and at any point Majin can just spit out a victim, even if it has been disconnected from them or resisted absorption. This ability has a major drawback, as someone with a radically different personality, a strong enough will, and enough power can forcibly alter the personality of the host to be more like their own, as happened when Majin Buu absorbed the Daikaioshin. "Victims" can voluntarily allow themselves to be absorbed, and thus remain conscious and can communicate with the Majin.
    • Witch Magic: Absorbing Choro Majutsu-Shi has given Pokasuu the ability to use Witch Magic to scry or summon sprits,as well as the ability to draw on the ancient witch's knowledge
    • Demon Magic: absorbing Barbara the Devil Girl allows Pokasuu to use demon Magic to manipulate fire and ice, as well as summon a demon Spear
    • Wisdom: Pokasuu has access to Choro's centuries of arcane knowledge and occult wisdom, as well and Barbara's knowledge of the demon world

    "The laws of physics? What the HFIL are those?": Being almost completely magical in origin, Majin's are kind of... Physics professors hate them. they're stretching ability seem's to add Volume without increasing mass or changing density, which shouldn't be possible. They also tend to way half of what something their mass, volume, and density should weigh.

    Athletic: while employed as a soldier, Pokasuu considers herself first and foremost an acrobat, which is reflected in her preferred method of fighting and her preferred method of moving-run, spin, tumble, cartwheel. never stay still unless you're eating or sleeping. She's also supposedly a good dancer, but opinions are mixed on that.

    Good cook: she's no gourmet chef, but Pokasuu can cook decent meals given decent ingredients and a decent kitchen.

    Musically inclined: Pokasuu is a good singer and plays the tambourine well... But, well, the music she makes up herself is pretty hit and miss.

    Other information:
    In addition to the cloths on her back, Pokasuu carries with her a simple tamborine as well as a Karma Mask

    Karma Mask: A Karma mask is an incredibly durable mask with magical powers(detectably so.) when wearing it, Pokasu's speed and agility increase by 12% and her physical strength by 6%, but her power level does not increase. The mask also makes a slight but noticeable increase to the efficiency of her ki attacks. However, in exchange for these effects, the mask poses a small but steady drain on Pokasuu's reserves, so she only where's the mask when she think's she'll need it's power.

    Spoiler: Absorbees
    Spoiler: Choro Majutsu-shi

    Height: Shrunken Elderly Person sized.
    Weight: Not enough
    Race: Human(witch)
    Age: several centuries(and it shows)
    Position: Bed ridden hag

    Choro Majutsu-shi is a title, "Elder Sorceress." The witch no longer remembers her real name, as she traded it to a demon for power long ago. She used a magical ritual powered by animal sacrifice, specifically, a young dragon, to become "immortal" but in her hubris she was not careful when creating the ritual. Though she is undying and her mind is as sharp as it ever was, her body was not shielded from the ravages of time, nor from toxins, diseases, or other sources of illness.

    In her youth, she was both incredibly powerful and incredibly cold hearted and selfish, never using mystical knowledge or arcane power for the benefit of others unless they could supply her with riches or more power. However, after several centuries of pain and rapidly declining health have left her a changed woman. She's filled with deep regret that she was so hubristic and deep regret that she never used any of her power for good.

    Her two greatest desires right now are for some miracle to end her suffering-in anyway necessary. Or for a second chance to do some good for the world. However, she knows both are a pipe dream. Even if she wasn't bed ridden with centuries of acquired illnesses, her time ravaged body has been striped of all strength and power.

    PL: 1

    Power Sensing: Despite her time ravaged body, her mind and senses are as sharp as ever. Assuming she's awake, that is. As long as she's conscious, she can sense nearby power levels, though, of course, she lacks the ability to sense godly ki. By placing a hand on one's head, she can sense the mystical abilities a being currently posses, even if they aren't aware of them, but she has no way to awaken hidden abilities or explain abilities to others.

    Witch Magic: Being a Witch, Choro can work witch magic. Summoning spirits or demons, scrying on any location that she could clearly picture in her mind's eye, and the like... Or at least she could when she was younger. Nowadays, she lacks the strength to get up out of bed. Much less draw a summoning circle or focus on a crystal ball.

    Centuries of Wisdom: Choro's mind is as Sharp as ever, and it was many may years before she was too weak to climb out of bed. She has centuries of accumulated wisdom, occult knowledge, and knowledge of herbal medicine(the kind that works, dammit!)

    Spoiler: Barbara the Devil Girl
    Height: Average modern 9-year-old human girl
    Weight: Average weight of healthy child, plus a few pounds to account for wings and tail.
    Race: Demon(Referred to as an Imp class Devil)
    Age: A few more centuries than Choro(it does not show at all)
    Position: Loyal and concerned familiar

    Barbara is a devil that Choro bound to herself as a familiar many years ago, when she was still young and arrogant. Although having the appearance of a youngster, Barbara is no child... though she sometimes acts like she is. Barbara is very soft hearted by demon standards, to the point that she likely would have been kicked out of Makai for being too nice. She has a great deal of love and loyalty for Choro, as even when the witch was at her worst, she still treated the impling with more kindness than her fellow demons.

    Barbara has spent the last few decades caring for her bedridden mistress. She can't do much to help her, but, when her mistress sleeps, she studies the witch's books of magic. Barbara has a plan. She's found a spell that will let her summon someone who can help her mistress acomplish her two goals. Helping her mistress's suffering end is Barbara's greatest wish, even though she knows that, should her mistress die, she'll be forced to go back to Makai, the one place she hates most in the universe. It'll be worth it, she thinks.

    PL 54

    Demonic Magic: Barbara can use her demonic magic to sense dark intentions in the hearts of mortals(and only mortals. deities, demons, the unliving, true immortals, and the never alive are exempt from this sense). Furthermore, she posses a degree of elemental control, being able to conjure and shape fire and ice. Finally, she can summon to herself her "Demon spear" from a pocket dimension... But she was never very good at using it.

    Hedge Witch: Barbara has been studying witch magic for the last several decades, though even with all of that study she can cast but a single ritual: One that will summon a person who can peacefully end Choro Majutsu-shi's suffering and allow her to do some good in the world... Assuming that such a being exists.

    Knowledge of the Demon world: Barbara knows quite a bit of general knowledge about the hierarchy of Makai, from lowly devils like herself all the way up to the demon gods and the Makioshin. Though her knowledge of individuals is several centuries out of date.

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