So, here's my shovel-priest. Fluff and all that done. Plot hooks-abound.
A tanky front-liner to soak up some abuse and heal. Lets smack some baddies.

Spoiler: Submission Summery

Gremory Del'Rose

Alignment: TN
Class: Champion of the Faith
Race: Human
Religion: Keepers of The Altruistic Watch
Reason for Protest: To Protest the Government

History: An Egorian born high-noble, of House Del'Rose, and priestess of The Altruistic Order - sometimes called 'the cult of graves'. Gremory came to Kintargo at the age of 15 to study at The Church of Asmodeus under Father Michael Sipel, after her tenure of study in Ustalav at The Church of Pharasma - as was The Del'Rose tradition of expanded philosophy. Completing her study, she spent her years as a missionary tending to the needs and the last rights of the city's people. The concern for the people's liberties and the deep animosity between The House of Thrune and Del'Rose had always been at the forefront of their concerns. House Del'Rose had always supported movements against House Thrune in secret, by rebels or any other third-party, and the Silver Ravens were no different. Gremory had served as proxy for subjects of her House to move from Egorian to Kintargo to transport supplies and finances to the rebels - but things had gone silent from the Ravens and rumors of their capture or execution were common upon the street. Gremory would never submit to the tyrannical antics of Thune, and marched upon Aria Park with shield in-hand. Every voice, raised against Barzillai and his kin was a victory - though she had her doubts as to how 'peaceful' such an open protest would resolve. She would defend those she could, and bury those she couldn't with a prayer.

Personality: Surrounded by nobility, and well-educated men the vast majority of her life - the highborn woman has developed a demeaning view of most commonfolk, though not malicious in nature. As she has been taught, most common-people are unable to help themselves within the means of the law, and it is the duty of those with power to aid them and build a stronger nation.

The Keepers of The Altruistic Watch: A cult founded by the early members of the family dedicated to eradicating the perversion of undeath for those that did not seek it, and insuring final rights for those who died. Not an order of zombie-slaying zealots, the Order only took action against those unwillfully turned. Valuing the last wishes of others, ensuring their desires are fulfilled, and receiving a proper burial, form the bulk of their duties - though in recent times, the well-being of the people's liberties has become a major subject of focus for the small Order.

Enemies: While never admitted publicly, House Del'Rose has always possessed a long standing grudge against House Thrune: Some even whisper of involvement with the poisoning & assassination of Antonius Thrune - but the truth is unknown.
~ Barzillai Thrune
~ Abrogail Thrune II

Marbon Aulorian - Family Friend
Dal'trisa Vashnarstill - Close Friend & Confidant
Sigurd Tanessen - Contact & Business Associate
Myhgal Endean (Hellknight) - Distant Cousin
Father Michael Sipel - Instructor; Church of Asmodeus - Kintargo
Roslyn Mal'etil (Silver Raven) - Contact & Supporter