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Thread: what is made of "metal"

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    Quote Originally Posted by FocusWolf413 View Post
    Can you name the kings of England?
    Do you quote the fights historical
    from Marathon to Waterloo in order categorical?
    Just for that, FocusWolf... Just for that...

    Requisition me... A beat!


    I am the very model of a modern Evil Mastermind,
    I often bring whatever scheme you'll find has come to pass to mind.
    My exploits will be cited by tomorrow's best historian,
    And often come accompanied by chanting quite Gregorian.
    When making up my residence within my lovely fort'ress
    My methods range from quite hospitable to mostly torturous.
    About techniques of cruelty I am teeming with a lot o'news,
    And when it comes to executions, friend, you know I've got a noose!

    (And when it comes to executions, friend, you know he's got a noose!)

    ... Did I ask for assistance?


    In short, in all the many realms and stories you are wont to find,
    I am the very model of a modern Evil Mastermind!

    And don't you forget it.
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