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    Reposting character sheet.


    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 83 kg
    Species: Triclops
    Station: Escaped Slave

    Fairly tall, broad shouldered and very visibly muscular, Iris is a particularly imposing figure. She'd be described as bulky rather than athletic and only appears bulkier due to the extra set of arms coming our of her back. Adding to her imposing image are her hard eyes (all three of them) and a mouth full of razor sharp fangs.

    Iris is a warrior, first and foremost. She dislikes excessive talk and is quick to commit to a course of action. She rarely thinks her actions all the way through, prefering to act on her first instinct 90% of the time. In fact, she puts little stock in words in general, ignoring threats, bragging and insults until the speaker puts their money where their mouth is. This applies both ways, however, so she's prone to shrugging off comforting words and encouragement.

    Iris particularly values loyalty in people, and is a very loyal person herself. If she tells a friend she'll do something, she'll do it or die trying most of the time. However, this extreme loyalty makes her trust difficult to earn, as she is aware she must be careful, lest someone try to take advantage of her loyal nature. And her disdain for words makes earning her trust even harder on top of that, seeing as though you can't really convince Iris you're to be trusted without some sort of action or gesture.

    Iris was one of many travelling martial artists back on the Three-Eyed homeworld, and had just begun training with other groups and learning the subtlies of diplomacy on the side. This didn't last long however, as the brutal Arcosian conquest of her people meant that she saw almost all her friends and family die and was taken prisoner by the Arcosians, who enslaved her. After about 6-7 mouths of slavery however, she and some of her fellow slaves rebelled against their masters. Only problem was, they were severely outclassed. What was left of the Triclops population was decimated and Iris was the one slave to actually escape. Problem was, she escaped in a space pod. Which she had no idea how to operate. She crashed on Earth and befriended the Rebel Alliance.

    Story So Far:
    Crash landed on Earth and was picked up by the android duo. Antagonised the Arcosian brothers because, yknow "Arcosians killed my race! RAR!".
    Was particularly pissed off by Kami enslaving a village and tried to murderize him with some help from the crew of the Shenron.
    Checked out a Aztec-expy civilization, met Luxana and the snakes, helped find the dragonball there.

    EDIT: should probably get this back up to date again at some point.


    Current Power Level: 39,000. Can consciously suppress it down to 5 if she presses herself, but in casual settings, it reads as about 30,000.
    Spoiler: Skills
    Triclops Martial Arts: Iris practices a style of Triclops martial arts that resembles an cross of boxing and wrestling, making little use of leg based attacks and no usage of ranged attacks like ki blasts. However, by specialising, Iris has achieved an extremely high level of proficiency in her chosen field: in a straight-up melee slugfest, she outclasses everyone in the Alliance and is capable of going toe-to-toe with enemies significantly more powerful than herself as long as she can get close and stay there. At range, she's utterly useless.

    Ki Infusion: All trained fighters unconsciously channel their ki to augment their physical faculties, but Iris takes it far further, forming a central part of her fighting style. Iris is able to channel extra ki into her body, augmenting and enhancing it. She can make her body durable enough to turn aside swords, make her fists hard as diamonds or make her punches explode on impact.

    Expert Boxer: Iris hits like a train. Like ten trains. And with an extra pair of arms, her versatility is formidable: She can go fully on the offensive and overwhelm opponents with an unblockablely fast barrage of punches, attack and defend at the same time and execute unexpected combos from novel angles. Adding ki-infused punches into this mix makes her even deadlier in close combat.

    Expert Wrestler: The other half of Iris' boxing/wresting fighting style. With extra arms to grab and hold an opponent with, Iris is dangerous if she gets a solid grip on you. She is adept in a variety of holds, grabs and slams and is able to use her extra arms to create grappling attacks unseen by any two-armed creature. She can crush bone with the added power behind a four-armed bear hug, disable enemies by mixing and combining holds familiar to two-armed races, and put extra muscle behind slams. While these abilities can often be devastating, they are relatively slow and easy to avoid, usually forcing Iris to soften up her enemy with her boxing techniques.

    Ki blasts: Iris is utter rubbish at these. She can fire normal, low powered blasts and with passable speed, but nothing more complicated than that. No advanced wave techniques, no controlling blasts after firing, nothing. Iris is almost exclusively a melee fighter.

    Flight: Iris is relatively new to flight and her martial arts style was developed in an environment where no one else could fly at all. Thus, while Iris is capable of satisfactory speed in the air, her manoeuvrability is limited and she is unused to reacting to attacks in three dimensions. An attack from above or below is very likely to slip through her guard, and failing that, is certain to knock her off-balance.

    Spoiler: Natural Abilities

    Omnidexterity: Triclops' lack dominant hands; all four hands are as dexterous as a human's preferred hand.
    Superior Eyesight: Triclops' possess impressive eyesight. They can see much further and clearer than other species. Well developed eye structure and specialised brains allow Triclops' to look in multiple directions without needing more time to process the added information. Finally, an extra eye means that Triclops have better depth perception than any two-eyed race.
    Teeth: As apex predators and obligate carnivores, Triclops' possess a mouth full of razor-sharp fangs and have a powerful jaw to back it up. While their bite is deadly and jaws strong enough to crush bone, these natural weapons are almost never used in combat.
    Powerful Immune System: Triclops' are blessed with incredible immune systems. They are completely immune to many diseases and most poisons have little to no effect.

    Other information:

    Illiterate and has zero knowledge of science.
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