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    My homebrew

    Monk guide for 5e

    Horizon Walker class (WIP but only SOME subclasses

    Kastidril race for 5e

    The Pirate class for 5e

    Broken One Warlock (subclass for 5e)

    Samurai Fighter (subclass for 5e)

    Mindslayer Barbarian (subclass for 5e)

    The Settler, a race for 5e by EnderDwarf

    Packleader 5e class (a warlock, monk, ranger using nature. Having the ability to change into a wolf or have a wolf)
    Snowman 5e class (like the stormknight but with cold instead of thunder and the mechanics are different)
    Dragonic Archer 5e class (An archer using the powers of his ancestors, having dragonic point and blinding arrow, little bit like the monk, but is using ranged)
    StormKnight 5e class (A fighter who cancels the power of the storms to kill his enemies, halfcaster)

    Sorry, I just prefer making classes above posting them, if you want to see one of these classes just send a private message, I will post that one first
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