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Probably 3? It's no sorcerer, but it always has some trick up its sleeve in its bag that can help it.
The class depends a lot on player skill and knowledge. If you've memorized obscure alchemical items and spell lists (trapsmith anyone?) it can compete pretty well with a factotum. Given that only experienced players will likely get their hands on this, tier three seems likely.

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Please, do come back if you think of more...
Well ok then.

- You have minor talents for many of the common mundane items like torches, caltrops, rope ect. Maybe add some for alchemical thrown items and the 10-foot pole? Perhaps the pole could be allowed to trigger traps at a distance - this class seems like it would have either trapfinding or an unorthodox method of dealing with traps.

- Talent for pulling stuff out of your bag more quickly.

- Something related to knowledge checks. Can't go delving dungeons without being familiar with the kind of creepy crawlies you'll run across!

- Upgrade to evade? Maybe make it not take an immediate action? That would let people with the Back on Your Feet skill trick not have to get up from prone on their own turn, or even let them use it twice. Or just straight up let people get up from prone as a free action at the start of their turn.