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    UPDATE: MAY, 2017

    Name: Zahn, Prince Zahn, PZ, Zanse, I've recently taken a liking to Zansy (best ask for permission first!).
    Ways to Contact: PM is best. Discord - Ashenmoon #3008
    Posting Frequency: I can usually commit to 1/day. I do have busy periods however, like everybody else.
    Type of Campaign: 5th edition D&D, Pathfinder or 3.X edition D&D (in that order of preference) (preferably with severely limited splat book access ), I also own the Numenera core book and can play it. That being said, if a game sounds appealing enough I would take the strides to learn something new, provided I have enough time and some help to do so.
    I like having a lot of role-playing in my games, as well as discovering new experiences and challenges. Humor is always fun if it's good-natured, and combat is exciting as long as it doesn't get in the way. I would play an adventure in a dungeon, but not a "Dungeon Crawl" As it is known as: I'd rather not go through it if every 5-foot step forward involves search checks and trap finding at the risk of rolling saving throws. . . That is not how exploring a dungeon should feel like if you ask me.
    Types of Characters: I'm usually flexible and creative, but I prefer magical characters over purely martial ones, or touches of magic ON a martial character, etc.
    Old Characters:
    1. Griping Gurlin Stacklewriff
    2. Vamber [RIP; never played on PbP]
    3. Frandol
    4. Silvius
    5. Vrattarin (D&D Next Playtest rogue, N/A)
    6. Odette
    7. Taevyn
    8. Clauss the Shining
    9. Lupé
    10. Terry (On ENW)
    11. Odétte (again! And better than ever!)
    12. Muirella Skywick
    13. Chuk'ta
    14. Neilraw (and here)
    15. Brandie Tinkerson
    16. Klep (On ENW)
    17. N'nileus
    18. Sister Yiaminah
    19. Avitus Brutus
    20. Lettice Bargainby
    21. Zadikka (Sheet erased in massive Myth-Weavers Data Loss )
    22. Patience/Tempest (sheet erased in massive Myth-Weavers Data Loss )
    23. Gilreni (sheet erased in massive Myth-Weavers Data Loss )
    24. Vyaridi Bolshovir

    Sorted in descending chronological order, according to memory.

    Old Campaigns:
    Other Information: I play unoptimized, low-to-early-mid level characters as a rule - I doubt you will ever see my wizards/Druids/casters break your game. I love it when Crunch goes my way as I challenge the limits of what I can do with my fluffy ideas.

    Um, what else...? I like magic, or at least, characters influenced by magic, especially arcane but divine is okay too! (I find the Pathfinder Oracle a fascinating class) Lately, I enjoy adding unusual "turns" to characters and surprising the other players. (Clauss (see above), for instance, started off his adventure after having been badly battered by thugs, had a black eye and spat out a tooth IC must've freaked everybody out! )

    As far as dream character goes, I always wanted to play a
    Spoiler: Dream Class
    5e Warlock, In particular, with a DM who can RP my Otherworldly Patron. I find that I have a lot of fun thinking of things to do with the Warlock!

    Spoiler: Turn ons
    :In no particular order:
    • creativity and flexibility (and room for them),
    • cooperation (interparty and/or player-GM),
    • arcane magic, as well as non-spell-based magic.
    • good vibes at the "table",
    • alternative magic mechanics,
    • cool themes,
    • fair+ big 16 and freebies,
    • rule of cool,
    • humor,
    • poetic tragedy (it HAS to be poetic or meaningful, otherwise what's the death good for?!),
    • lots of RP is preferred,
    • experimenting a lot with my characters.
    • Fresh, inexperienced or novice game masters.
    Spoiler: Turn offs
    in no particular order:
    • DMPCs
    • puzzles/riddles
    • Psionics, only because I have trouble managing point pools. Too much freedom.
    • untimely railroading, encounters that interrupt key roleplaying moments, or other such untimely scene transitions
    • gaming that feels too "technical"
    • unpleasant vibes the "table"
    • , being alienated/ignored
    • horror
    • anything with the words "zombie" or "apocalypse/-tic" built into it
    • penalizing magic with threats of insanity or other such consequences. I simply don't believe I'll enjoy playing a wizard if you threaten my sanity or my character's life for simple spells. In a game like Dark Sun I wound up playing a barbarian because ruling that magic is dangerous blows and I want nothing to do with it.
    • optimization and -most- obscure game materials ("I'm sorry, what the heck's an "Incantatrix" again and why should I feel comfortable with you playing one in my vicinity?")
    • most SF (sans Numenera) , or MLP (no offense intended to any bronies out there but in my purely personal opinion - it's not for me)
    • psychedelic-levels of weird behavior
    • image-transferred memes
    • Arrogance and/or condescension (only in real people, it's more than acceptable in fiction, within reason)
    • settings/campaigns that "hate" the heroes or are super dark and depressing (if you've been in one you'll no what I mean. Also No WARHAMMER for me thank you.)

    BOTTOM LINE: I have a lot to offer: I'm a fun and creative player who believes in fair play and good sportsmanship. PM me with your awesome adventure thread and you won't regret having me!
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