Murska, Syldar, Choxorn are my top wolf candidates at the moment. Murska's vote record is bad, and I don't feel at all like he's hunting. This is quite a change from the first game. Third on the wagon on the competing wagon from Phantom, happy to get the bandwagon going on Sprig, and today is voting for someone I have trouble believing he thinks is a wolf.

Syldar appeared on my Syl-dar in post 209. This reads a lot like someone who wants to pretend like he doesn't know how many wolves there are, while knowing how many there are. Not much to his d1 vote, blends in, and his vote on Duck is specious. It's superficially hunting, but I do not know many wolves to go out and say that the person that is most likely to be a wolf, is the person to lynch a wolf on day one. There is merit to that kind of paranoia as a townie, but the reasoning is so contrary to one's instincts that it sticks out like a sore thumb. Duck isn't that kind of mafioso, in my experience. He likes to blend in more and say uncontroversial things.

Choxorn is just plain hiding. He probably thinks he can get away with it because he's not super talkative anyways, but this is to the point of abusing his meta. He needs to give me more to work with than nothing.

That's not all I'm looking at.

Elenna voted for a mason, so she's most likely a safe lynch. I haven't seen anything wildly pro-town of her. Shadow has been making easy to justify votes. Any sort of safe and uncontroversial and blending in kind of behaviors are justification for death, and that's all the case one needs.

I would lynch any of these five today. I also would support the wagon on Pelican, as I don't see anything particularly townie about Pelican, and I don't have strong opinions on Logic or Legato. I'd be able to have more leans if we resolved inside this group.

On the good side, I see Meta, Rain Dragon, and Ramsus. I have conflicting feelings about Lex-Kat, but I'd also give her a town lean.

Meta is actually hunting and discussing, which is sorely needed. Rain Dragon town lean is obvious. If there's a wolf on the d1 wagon it's Luizeu, but there doesn't have to be one. I think where Rain Dragon voted was unnecessary if they're both wolves, and that town lean expires when he's never murdered, so it's a crap vote for a wolf. If he's alive at final three he always eats a lynch, if people are wise enough to remember that.

Ramsus' contributions have been more logical and have challenged assumptions. Lex-Kat is tough for me to read cold, but she feels like she should as town Lex-Kat, the one I remember. Lex' response to the question of the day one wagon on phantom is precisely where my thoughts were on the matter. I don't like her second vote on me day one, but there's plenty that overrides that feeling.

Finally, Beck Novo may or may not be a wolf, but if he were, his way of hiding would not be to simply be inactive, he's from a way more talkative place. It's counter-indicated that he'd be a wolf by not being active here, or it's null. It's never a positive indicator of him being a wolf.

Give me more to work with than what we've had so far, and I'll be able to put more people up on the board.

- - - Updated - - -

Fleeing Coward, I'm probably not lynching you, but I need a reason other than a hosting screw-up which is probably alignment indicative, but I've been burned by making those kinds of assumptions before, and it's really not sporting if it is true.


- - - Updated - - -

I want people online near deadline for consolidation purposes. Each of these games have had a very large scum team, and that means we have to be extremely vigilant regarding the tally.

If you want to have three, four, five, six days go by with no wolves being lynched, all you have to do is vote randomly and watch what happens.

Regardless of who your top vote candidate is, you need to have a second and third place candidate, and be willing to consolidate. We don't consolidate, we don't lynch any wolves from here on out. Period.

It would be nice if you know your schedule, to please say something in the thread indicating you're one of the few, the proud, the ones who will move their vote to cause a lynch, or to cause someone to NOT be lynched where needed. This is close to the holidays.

I have taken note of the deadline and I will be here to move my vote if needed. If you can do this, please name yourself.

If you show up at deadline once, to affect the outcome, and a townie gets lynched, and you haven't volunteered to be part of the end of day brigade, I might lynch you. I want to know who will be here at deadline. Move your vote near deadline and it's on the lynchee, that person has to be a wolf, especially if it's not part of your pattern to move your vote near deadline.

This group isn't very vote-movey, and while it may be needed, the most likely reason why Phantom got lynched day one is because the wolves were frozen. That's more likely to be the reason why we lynch future wolves. While I need vote movers, explanations will be required for end of day vote moves, at least until we get a few more wolves dead.

That should be our policy. I hope I can get support on that idea.