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Ho ho ho, Merry Snowbluff Day.
Flower Venom or "Snowbluff's Ichor"
Number of Doses: 1 (6 parts)
Type: Inhaled
Onset: 3-5 minutes
Damage/Result: -1d4 int, +1d8 cha, -2d4 wis if fail, death if save DC 28
Frequency of Active Ingredient: Rare
Cost per Dose: 34,000 gp

This poison is made from a rare flower in the feywild. It has a thick texture and looks like liquid gold. Those strong enough to resist find themselves lucky to meet death, for those who are not strong enough become increasingly charming but prone to mood swings that often have violent undertones. There is no known cure for "Snowbluff's Ichor", but it is resistant to magic effects such as neutralize poison.