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    Default Re: Star Wars SAGA Edition: Mandalorian warriors needed for high-level game

    My submission for evaluation:

    Spoiler: Crunch

    Amelia Poldark CL 12

    Medium near-Human Jedi 2/scout 1/soldier 5/Jedi Knight 4
    Init +4; Senses darkvision, low-light vision; Perception +16
    Languages Basic, Binary

    Defenses Ref 31 (flat-footed 28), Fort 28, Will 27
    hp 158; Threshold 28

    Speed 6 squares
    Melee lightsaber +14 (2d8+7) or
    Ranged missile launcher +15 (6d6+6, 2-square burst) or
    Ranged missile launcher +15 (6d6+6, 2-square burst) or
    Ranged carbonite rifle +15 (4d10+6 stun)
    Base Atk +11; Grp +14
    Atk Options Bantha Herder, Devastating Attack (Heavy weapons), Flash and Clear, Targeted Area, Twin Weapon Style
    Special Actions Reactive Stealth, Shake it Off
    Force Powers Known (Use The Force +17) battle strike (2), cloak, drain energy, farseeing, Force shield, Force track, mind trick, move object, phase, rebuke, surge
    Force talents Improved battle strike, improved cloak

    Abilities Str 12, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 17, Cha 12
    Special Qualities build lightsaber
    Talents Armored Defense, Devastating Attack, Guardian Spirit, Improved Armor Defense, Insight of the Force, Reactive Stealth, Twin Weapon Style
    Feats Armor Proficiency (light), Bantha Herder, Flash and Clear, Force Sensitivity, Force Training (3), Shake it Off, Skill Focus (Use the Force), Targeted Area, Weapon Proficiency (heavy weapons, lightsabers, pistols, rifles, simple weapons)
    Skills Endurance +13, Initiative +14, Knowledge (bureaucracy) +7 (may Use the Force +17 instead), Knowledge (galactic lore) +7 (may Use the Force +17 instead), Knowledge (life sciences) +7 (may Use the Force +17 instead), Knowledge (physical sciences) +7 (may Use the Force +17 instead), Knowledge (social sciences) +7 (may Use the Force +17 instead), Knowledge (tactics) +7 (may Use the Force +17 instead), Knowledge (technology) +7 (may Use the Force +17 instead), Mechanics +12, Perception +16, Stealth +14 (+19 using poncho), Use the Force +17
    Possessions Bothan carbonite rifle (tech specialist mod; +1 attack, miniaturized - in left arm), camouflage poncho, light beskar'gam (+6 armor, +2 equipment; tech specialist mod: +1 Reflex Defense) with vacuum seals, weapon mount and weapon mount, lightsaber (tech specialist mod; +1 attack, in right arm), missile launcher (tech specialist mod; +1 attack, miniaturized, in the back), missile launcher (tech specialist mod; +1 attack, miniaturized in the back), utility belt (3 day food supply, medpac, tool kit, power pack, energy cell, glow rod, comlink, liquid cable dispenser)

    Spoiler: background

    With red hair that frames a white face and green, almost emerald eyes, Amelia could be called exotic, and beautiful.

    She is seen - when she is seen – in her armor that has several pieces of technological weapons hidden. A simple mercenary returning home, or in search of work, at first sight.

    The poets refer that death is the time of all judgments. That when someone near departs it creates the conditions so that people can change, so that the final pardons are emitted. If that’s the case or not Amelia, recently returned to the clans, still hasn’t the cool head to decide.
    The tombstone in front of her is real… She knows that, but despite all the things, the last days are almost a feverish dream. At least she wished for it…

    - 24 years earlier –

    Among the Poldark clan, birth was always a joy – a chance to make new alliances and sustain their place among the clans.

    Despite being a small clan, they belonged to the mandalorians, a thing that across the galaxy meant power.

    With their number, steadily diminishing over the years, Amelia birth was celebrated for days.

    Her childhood was a happy one, with her parents trying to teach the way a noble should behave. Despite all this attention, Amelia always was tomboyish, and loved to make her parents mad, hiding and escaping to play with the other kids.

    Ever since she was a kid, she had an imaginary friend, Kalla, that she saw and talked with her, and explained things. With Kalla, she could make rocks fly if she concentrated. When she told her mother she at first dismissed, but when she saw proof she made Amelia keep it a secret. Something about birth and continuity to the Poldark clan.

    At 14, after her first kill, her parents made an arrangement with Aarak Triton. She was promised to his son, 16 year old Zaris.

    This idea displeased her profoundly. She couldn’t cope with the notion that others would decide what she would do. She started to rebel to her condition. Zaris was a cold hearted man, and in every time they were together she noticed the darkness. Sometimes he was smiling but she could almost taste his hate, or his disdain.

    After years of heated discussions, when she turned 18 she left under the guise of getting rich, into the galaxy.

    Things in the galaxy turned worse in the advent of the wars. It was in a chance meeting with a Jedi that she discovered she had the ability to become one, if she had trained. He showed her the basics as they fought along against the Sith.

    But in a mission things changed again. She met Ballee, her friend and member of the Poldark clan. He was in a bad state, and totally drunk.
    As his eyes saw her, he started to plead forgiveness. His news were terrible.

    The Poldark clan was no more. Zaris double-crossed his clan and their location to the Sith, as Republic helpers, and they were all murdered.

    From her parents Ballee brought two things: An “I love you” and the Basilisk Armor.

    - Today –

    “Justice” she thinks as images of her shouting inappropriate things to her parents are framed by the tears in her eyes.

    Amelia is driven by her quest – kill Zaris. Destroy the Sith. Avenge (or even Restore) the Poldark clan.

    This is, of course a path to the dark side, and she is aware of it. Could she get what she wants without falling? Is falling a small price for what she needs? The answers aren’t simple to her grief clouded mind.

    “There is no death… There is the force…” as Kalla keeps reminding her.

    She is passionate in all that she does, and doesn’t trust easily. Trust is something that has to be gained…

    The armor

    "Blood Dragon armor", "Basilisk armor", "Red blaster"
    An ancient armor, most of it upgraded, renewed and refurbished, beyond the point that it doesn't sport anything of the original one.
    Legend says it was part of the mandalorian attack on the Basilisks homeworld, eons ago. A Mandalorian warrior charged a full squad of basilisks and using only his hands killed then, with the blood solidifying in the Dragon(or basilisk) image.
    It has been part of the Poldark clan for ages.

    Statistics: light beskar'gam armor, with 2x weapon mounts in which several miniaturized heavy weapons lie hidden.

    Codename: Jade Rose - her eye color

    About Kalla
    Kalla first appeared to Amelia, when she was a little girl. And the image of Kalla was always of a small girl, more or less of her age.
    As Amelia got older so did the "image" of Kalla.

    But she soon understood that Kalla wasn't her age, as she had a lot more patience and knowledge, and her voice sometimes changed into something deeper and older. She looks like a short haired dark haired woman, with clear eyes, fit, athletic and dressed in elaborate robes.

    Kalla, as a teacher is demanding and much less error forgiving than anyone else before. She wants perfection in the execution of the lessons she proposes.

    Kalla is secretive about herself and her past. Amelia doesn't really know if it is by choice or ignorance.
    Despite this, Amelia, always wondered why Kalla chose her, or why she is connected with her. Why she advised her into mercenary work. She feels like she is being groomed into a path. Be it by Kalla or by the Force....

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