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Glad to have you back. Gratz on the win.

Hmm. For Marlowe

Artist bane.

Stats Magical. Fortitude save DC 14. Incubation period 1 day. Damage Special see below.

Most times when an artist loses their muse, they will recycle the same plots over and over again. Eventually they will return to normal, and if they still have patrons, to work.

These are the lucky ones. The unlucky ones succumb to Artist bane.

These unlucky souls find that they lose most of their abilities with figment spells. They are only able to craft the illusion of one specific creature. Typically an outsider or humanoid. They will find themselves incapable of doing anything but copying and pasting this image. They can make multiple copies of this creature with one illusion spell if the spell allows multiple images.

Artists bane can only be cured by magic.