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    Here are my two new characters
    Spoiler: Brusal
    NameBrusal Srot
    age 22
    Gender Male
    Height 6'2"
    Weight 150 lb
    Species Tuffle Saiyan Hybrid
    Station Tuffle Soldier
    Spoiler: Description
    Brusal has a very athletic built body. He maintains his health as best he can with his Suicide Squad Training. His hair despite his Saiyan ancestry is A Dark Green. He has black eyes however. He does not have a tail

    Spoiler: Personality
    He is ferciously loyal to the Tuffle Royalty. He admires Callins and his sister the Queen. He hates Saiyans, finding them to be no better then beasts.He however outside of his soldier life is rather down to earth and kind hearted. He finds that being selfless brings peace to ones life, including the work he does for the army as a Suicide Squader.

    Spoiler: History
    Brusal's mother was a soldier as well, however she and her squad was attacked by a Saiyan raider band. She leaved though she wished she hadn't it. it was soon after Brusal was born. He at first was thought to have Half Life, because his PL was over 500. He did, however because of his Saiyan ancestry he could physically handle the increase of Ki on his body. He as soon as he could enrolled for the Suicide Squad which was the age of 14.

    however when he was 7 his mother married and had another child. His sister, who would die during her first patrol after becoming a Suicide member as well following her brother's footsteps.

    Spoiler: Powers

    PL: 43,750
    Excellent Hand to Hand combat.
    Basic Ki Blasts and attacks
    Advanced combat armor, it is able to abosrb and deflect all but the most dangerous of attacks, It matches itself to Brusal's base power level.
    Tuffle Ozaru hybrid: During a Full moon or a Power Ball, Brusal does not go Half Lifer, or Oozaru, He does something inbetween. He increases in size, but only to double his natural size. His strength however matches that of both types. 10X his Base PL
    Rage of Plant: During extremely emotional moments such as friends falling in combat, or even worse, Brusal flies into a rage. He remembers his training to be effective in a fight, but will constantly attack that which caused his rage till they are died, or he is incapacitated. He can not be calmed down. The increase in power is equal to the amount of emotions Brusal is feeling.
    Photoshot A bright yellow Full Wave attack similar to Kamehameha.

    Zenkai, like that of Aspa.

    Spoiler: Other stuff
    Brusal is a bit of a romantic. Species does not matter, he believes in proper courtship.

    Spoiler: Queen of Plant
    Name Kor Flower
    Age 32
    Gender Female
    Height 4'2"
    Weight 75lbs
    Station Queen of the Tuffles
    Spoiler: Description
    Kor is actually an average height for a Tuffle. Only Half lifers are equal to Saiyans in height, most Tuffles are very small. She has bleach blonde hair, and striking Green eyes. She often comes off as cold, or even apathetic.

    Spoiler: Personality
    Kor is sweet to those that she believes are not their for her power or position. She is however very cold to those who are, so to most everyone she is cold. However to Callins she is strict, she has always believed him to be one of the Tuffle's best hope for survival. She has believed him dead for 6 years now.

    Spoiler: History
    Kor grew up with Callins, but despite being quite older just could not keep up with him. He was always advanced and learned. He knew more and saw more in an situation they were in together. She was often jealous of him and his Half Life giving him his edge. She did not see it, as a child, as a disease. Their father however was always kind to them both, even up to when he passed on. She took such lessons to heart, while finding her own way to rule the Tuffles.

    Spoiler: Abilities
    PL 100
    The Tuffles are naturally not very strong. They are not capable martial artist fighters. they do tend to be stronger then normal humans but that is due to the higher gravity on Plant.
    She does however have control over the Tuffle Military, as well as is fairly intelligent. Which on most other Species levels is beyond Genius.

    Spoiler: Other Stuff
    She always has on her a Teleporter, which takes her directly to her safe room below the Palace. It hides her PL, and allows her to connect to the rest of her forces and computer systems.

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