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    The Black Herd

    Sun-and-Moon Black
    Alias: It's just Alice.
    Gender: Female
    Species: Centaur
    Age: Adult
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral or White/Black
    Profession: Assassin
    Power Rating: C- or 3
    Description: The lower body of a wide dark draft horse, the upper body of a limber, angular woman. Big round glasses whose lenses don't really do anything.
    Personality: Alice doesn't trust anyone except herself, her mechanic, and her god. She'll take risks to help people, and can be a little friendly, but she focuses on the matter at hand uncomfortably much. Most feelings remain deeply buried.
    Equipment: Cyborg implants and augmentations, the clothes on her back.
    "We put in little shield generators in her hands, and big ones on her flanks. Armor around her organs. Radio in her teeth, little computers in her skull and, ah, elsewhere. Nanoforges in her bones, plates outside them, a cardial impeller, muscle amps, a copied conductor-imperial power core. Whatever little improvements Kess could come up with."

    A pair of wrought iron rings with runic engravings have the power of deception. If a wearer of one of them touches it with the other hand while speaking, only the person wearing the other one will understand them.

    Finally, there's a plain-looking linen shirt. Upon examination, though, it turns out to have a strange thread woven into it. The wearer of this shirt can alter their weight and momentum to a degree. They can become lighter or heavier, resist something that would knock them down or knock them back, or move more quickly. The thread becomes frayed with use, and eventually one needs to wait before using it again.

    The horn.

    Abilities: Currently, Alice can project reshapeable forcefields for offense and defense, as well as manage mildly implausible feats of computing.
    Besides the peaceflowers in her garden, Alice maintains her mind through faith. Regular meditation and prayers many-time-a-day provide the necessary structure.
    Backstory: Formerly a slave, rescued and brought to the Bronze Keep. After being briefly turned into a plant-creature by Mist, took up a life of violence. She had been a farmer and a gardener besides, enamored of plants. A peaceful girl who sought to leave the horrors of the past behind. She was transformed into something like a Kalimdoran dryad, part woman, part hoofed-beast, part plant, and ... it was horrible. Peace was its nature, and so was the very essence of helplessness. All the abuse that had been heaped on her came back. She rejected both the transformation and what she had believed before.
    Joined VIGIL.
    Fought undead/sea monsters in a resort town by the seaside.
    Helped Anika fix the jotun Quiriax by restoring access to an old wellspring that was surrounded by albino lizardmen. Joining her song to the water's let it rise and break through the cavern roof.
    "She stepped up asking to join raids, help rescue people. Wanting to police the place. Anything to stamp out wrongdoing with her own feet."
    Fought against demons at the Riverside invasion.
    Repeatedly met up with Mia.
    Attended Breakthrough Day.

    Misc: Spying on VIGIL for Alkania, who considers them a potential threat to the Nexus. And if they aren't, it's a good place for Alice to be helping.
    Always sucking on a lollipop or perhaps chewing gum.
    Speaks in IndianRed
    Syn is casual and thinks aloud.
    Ral is precise and does not use contractions in speech.
    Alice has wholly embraced her electronic and mechanical components. The world of computers and circuits makes sense to her and she makes an effort to learn more about them and how they might be used.
    Somewhat ambitious. She hopes to one day equal Kestrel in mechanical and software skills and works carefully to improve and expand her own augments. Wants to prove herself to Alkania, although nothing would actually satisfy Alice that she's done enough. It is a constant task. In time, she's intended to become more involved in and useful to VIGIL.

    Secrets? Secrets.
    Was rather protective towards her brother Saranan, but thy don't see each other too often anymore. Secretly, she's a little scornful of his peaceful agrarian life, and think he should do more to help people.

    Lives in VIGIL's Lower Village, where she keeps a small garden. Among other things, it contains a bed of peaceflowers.

    Saranan Black

    Gender: Male
    Species: Miniature Centaur
    Age: Couple minutes older than his sister Alice.
    Alignment: Lawful Good, White
    Profession: Farmer
    Power Rating: E or 0
    Description: The lower body of a little black-furred pony, the upper body of a tough halfling with flaxen hair.
    Personality: Easygoing, accepting, grateful and appreciative.
    Equipment: A whittling knife and a tobacco pipe
    Abilities: Nothing in particular.
    Saranan maintains his mind through contact with the people of Leah's town, epecially The Striped One and other centaurs. The constant exposure to peaceflowers at the edges of his fields can't hurt.
    Backstory: Formerly a slave working on a plantation, now a farmer who owns some fields to work upon. Shrunk and rescaled by Mist.

    Sazack Black

    Gender: Male
    Species: Centaur
    Age: Just become an adult, an a knight!
    Alignment: Chaotic Good / Red
    Profession: Knight
    Power Rating: E+ or 1
    Description: Zack is a big guy, towering over people both because he's really tall and because he's a larger sort of creature. He wears a shirt without any sleeves that would get in the way of showing off his arms. His white-golden hair is worn up in spikes.
    Personality: Prickly. Zack will easily get defensive and frustrated. He means well, honest. Other people are just so dense!
    Equipment: Nothing much, but he has this cordovan jacket he wears.
    Abilities: Nothing in particular.
    Sazack maintains his mind through regular exposure to peaceflowers and and his knightly vows.
    Backstory: Formerly a slave working on a plantation, now getting an education while helping out on his family's farm and itching to grow up and do something that matters. May have been a knight in the Constellation of the Hunting Hounds.
    Misc: Starfish > Kelp.

    Nova - Welcoming slightly older mare with terrible scars on the left of her face.
    Sanesah - Stallion with a good memory.
    Nyx - a dark-skinned mare in the way of the dog.
    a stallion named Cane

    10 others
    3 Foals

    The Spectrum Herd. Aolic Class C, human fronts. Arabian & similar hotblood racing horses.
    Maple - teenager, crazy colors and patterns.
    Wilbur - Friendly, wears a tricorn hat
    Fitzclarence Loy - Young

    Maria Kayin

    Fear. That's my other name, not that anyone calls me by it.

    "Er, uh, Nadas Ghuand Xabaresh Chaeron(Xar'cha)"

    Gender: Female
    Species: Human Werewolf Draegloth
    Age: 36 years lived through, now. "I don't know how old this body is."
    Alignment: Lawful Evil or Black/White
    Profession: Astronomer.
    Power Rating: C or 4
    Description: A short, overweight woman with heavy glasses and bushy black hair tied up in a band. Wears an increasingly tattered coat. Looks very much like a drow on the surface. He almost always wears long flowing crimson robes that cover most of his body and hides the true him underneath. His torso is in fact all red and very much demonic looking, with two small stubs poking out of his back where wings would go. His black eyes have a small tint of red in them, though the itty bitty spectacles he wears generally distracts from that point he's found. He normally has purple hair, but has since dyed it black.

    Personality: Bitter, bitter. She's not about to start talking about her misfortunes, but she goes constantly with a sense of the world's unfairness at the front of her mind.
    It's a pata, a straight sword fused with a gauntlet with a horizontal hilt. The gauntlet and blade is made of fine, delicately-etched silver, a design resembling vines and leaves creeping up the weapon and decorating every surface.
    In addition, he knows several things about the sword.
    1. Nadas now owns the pata and will continue to do so until somebody else puts their hand into the gauntlet to hold the hilt.
    2. So long as he owns the sword, his healing is improved and he is immune to fear-based magic, and is also protected from bad dreams and nightmares.
    3. If he brandishes the weapon above his head, a robed figure of light armed with a pair of katar will appear before him, to help him fight; the light is consistent, Nadas doesn't choose which colour it is (Recaiden does that) and the figure remains until Nadas dismisses them, they are 'killed' (though they can be recreated in the same way as before) or the pata is put down.
    4. The weapon is a gift, and Nadas' use of it is being watched and judged. If the entity thinks Nadas is misusing the pata, it will be taken away.

    Bulletproof Bullet resistant, really. You can kill us just fine, trying hard enough. It's just that silver does it really well.
    Radiation Resistant

    Generally a weak powered wizard. However, he can tap into his demonic blood to pull off some incredible feats of casting. Generally this results in him looking more demonic though, generally making him more red, his eyes glowy, and wings to grow. While the effects largely subside over time, a little piece remains permanent each time, slowly transforming him to a full-fledged demon. He fears it may even effect his personality given enough opportunity, if it has not already. As such, he is incredibly loathe to use these abilities unless it seems absolutely necessary. He studies magic primarily in hopes that he can learn enough tap magic like a normal wizard does so that he never has to rely on his demon blood, though his training in such area is far from complete.

    Backstory: Maria was working in an observatory high on Mount Kay, the only one reliably there as cost-cutting shut down more and more programs. Few details have come up of why she was the only one working at the observatory, how she developed her interest in transhumanism, or precisely why she made the deal with Felix, but we can gather she was pretty unhappy with her life. Something had gone wrong, after her education. Previously, it had all been shining bright, but recently, very recently, it had all fallen apart. So she was willing to leave it all behind and start over.
    One day she met and ended up in a relationship with Felix. She was in love, or close to it. He wasn't. But it wasn't so bad.
    Until the fire went out. With her son seemingly dead, she ran away. She found Sunny, 4th to arrive at the pit and stay.
    When Pit Town (what remained of it) came under siege, she traveled to Inside to find heroes who could help save her village. Together they fought to save Sunny and the town. They failed.
    Homeless and now feeling she had nowhere to return to, she took an offer to help Nadas with a magical experiment. Which turned out to be a ploy to steal her body, leaving her with his.
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