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    Earth Steed

    Earth Steed is an Acquired Template that can be applied to any Huge or larger Elemental with the Earth Subtype, and no other Elemental Subtypes. It changes the Elemental into a quadrupedal, vaguely camel-like shape.

    Size and Type: Unchanged.

    Hit Dice: Unchanged.

    Speed: Unchanged.

    Armor Class: Unchanged.

    Attacks: Unchanged.

    Damage: Unchanged.

    Special Attacks: Retains all Special Attacks of the Base Creature, plus gains the following:

    Brownout (Ex): At will as a Standard action, the Earth Steed can create brownout conditions in a 20 ft area surrounding it. Any character in brownout conditions caused by a sandstorm takes a 4 penalty on Dexterity-based skill checks, as well as Search checks, Spot checks, and any other checks that rely on vision (including attack rolls).

    Trample (Ex): The Earth Steed gains a Trample attack doing 2d12 plus one and a half times Str Modifier damage. Opponents can make a Reflex Save for half damage (Save DC is Str Based).

    Special Qualities: Retains all Special Qualities of the Base Creature, plus gains the following:

    Friend of the Desert (Ex): The Earth Steed will willingly serve as a mount or beast of burden to any Desert Giant, but unless they have 4+ Levels in the Sand-Shifter class they cannot convince it to do anything else.

    Saves: Unchanged.

    Abilities: Int is reduced to 2. +2 Str

    Skills: Adjust Skills due to Int Penalty.

    Feats: Unchanged.

    Environment: Unchanged.

    Organization: Unchanged.

    Challenge Rating: +1

    Treasure: Unchanged.

    Alignment: Unchanged.

    Advancement: Unchanged.

    Level Adjustment: ---
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