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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Plagues/Poisons/Diseases/Positoxins/Ravages/Afflictions


    Rubbleskin is a magical disease that sprang from a mine deep beneath the earth, where dwarves had been mining for materials for golems and other such construsts. Perhaps created by a rogue construct spellcaster, this horrid sickness thickens the victim's skin, transforming it into a rock-like substance, even as they weaken physically and mentally.

    Stats: Infection Fort DC 25, Incubation 1d10 hours, damage 1d6 Con, 1d6 Int. This damage cannot be regenerated or healed in any way as long as the subject has the disease.

    If the afflicted subject hits 0 Int first, they fall into a comatose state, until they fight off the disease or die from Con damage. If they hit 0 Con first, their Int immediately drops to 0 as well.

    Once the subject hits 0 Con, they die, and are raised 1d10 days later as a mindless constructs. They have as much HD as when they were alive, and these become d10s.They have construct traits, no Int score (and mindless traits), a Natural Armor bonus equal to their HD (overriding any previous Natural Armor), DR/Adamantine equal to half their HD rounded down +2, SR equal to their HD+7, and are the same size as they were before. They lose all Ex, Su, Sp, and class abilities they possesed. They also lose all natural weapons, though they gain a number of natural slam attaks equal to the amount of arms they possess (or, if they don't possess any, one), dealing 1d10+Str damage each (assuming a medium-sized creature). They gain +8 Str, and their Wis and Cha scores drop to 1. Their CR decreases by 1 for every 2 HD they possessed, and they are not playable creatures.

    There you go, unseenmage. A disease for you and your construsct brethren to use against anyone that ticks you guys off.
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