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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Plagues/Poisons/Diseases/Positoxins/Ravages/Afflictions

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    Heyo, I give perma-permission to all future GitP Regulars as X threads.
    Ink Toxin
    Number of Doses: 1 (3 parts)
    Type: Contact
    Onset: 1d4 rounds
    Damage/Result: -1d4 int, -2d4 con if fail, save DC 28 negates
    Frequency of Active Ingredient: Common
    Cost per Dose: 700 gp

    Crafted from the ink sack of a rare magical creature, this poison appears to be normal black transcribing ink with a faint green hue. Commonly used by clever assassins, a letter will be written to the target using this ink where deadly results will follow.

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    Sounds good. I might make a new thread tomorrow. Try and keep the pace up, you know?
    Sounds like a plan!
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