These are for Marlowe

Necrotic Plague

Contraction: Inhaled, Contact
Save: Fort 18
Incubation Period: 1 day
Effect: Special

Necrotic Plague is a strange disease, believed to have been created on accident by a necromancer. The disease is strange in that it doesnt do anything until the infected person dies. How this person dies doesnt matter, only that they do.

Once the infected person dies they rise 1d4 weeks later as a skeleton of the appropriate type, even if their body was destroyed. Once animated they simply stand there, until someone orders them to do something. It doesnt matter if this person has Rebuke or control undead, the person simply must speak the commands and the skeleton will follow them to the best of its ability. There are two exceptions to this.

Any order of "Defend X" will have the skeleton try to prevent any hostile things from getting to the target, it will not attack, though it will try to grapple and then pin anything that attacks the target of the command, choosing to do subdual damage.

Secondly any order of "Attack X" will cause the skeleton to attack whoever issued the command, only stopping if they or their target is destroyed.

Wight's Blessing
Type: Ingested, Injury
Onset: 1d4 rounds (ingested) or Immediate (injury)
Damage: 1 Negative level and Special
Save: DC 20 Fort Save
Cost per Dose: 1000 gp

Created from the ground up bones of a Slaughter Wight mixed with Unholy Water this potent poison is used only be indiscriminate killers. The poison causes the victim to take a Negative Level on a failed save but that is not why this poison is feared. If the victim dies from or while suffering from this negative level they rise as a Slaughter Wight and begin to attack the nearest living things, which will rise as still more Slaughter Wights when slain. Mercifully, after 24 hours the original Slaughter Wight and all others that stem from it fall to dust.