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    Default Mimir (Planescape conversion) (for 3.5 and Pathfinder)

    I thought I would write up the statistics for this item for Pathfinder/3.5 out since it was never done and I am a bit of a completist. I followed the construction rules as close as possible, however, the price of these items is set at 2,000 gp in the book, A Player's Primer To The Outlands, and I didn't want to mess with the economy of Sigil.

    Note: RPGNow.com has a full preview of A Player's Primer To The Outlands available for free with the complete description of the mimir on page 4 in case anyone wants to see it. Also, the tracks from the CD are still available on WotC's site (but you need Real Player to hear them). See here: https://www.wizards.com/dnd/article....nd/dx20010914a

    Aura faint illusion; CL 4th
    Slot ; Price 2,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs. but floats

    DESCRIPTION (Abridged Excerpt From A Player's Primer To The Outlands)
    A mimir (also called a well of knowledge or a speaking skull) is a minor magical item available for sale in Sigil. It's a device that gives answers to spoken questions, as long as those answers have been recorded by the mimir's creator. Mimirs can shed light on any number of subjects that are dark, but the most common type gives a brief tour of the Outlands and its gate-towns.

    Mimirs usually resemble human skulls made of a silvery metal that shines and reflects light with a rainbow hue. If a body looks close, he'll see fine lines drawn in tight patterns over the surface.

    To hear what a mimir has to say, its owner just points at it and asks a question. It'll click for a few seconds, searching for any chant it has on the subject. If it finds any, it'll speak up, giving the answer in an instructive, conversational tone.

    A mimir can also tell a body where he stands in the Outlands, but only in a general way. It can't give exact distances or location, but it'll say which ring outward from the spire he's standing in. That's an important thing to know, berk, because the closer a body gets to the spire, the more magic drops away.

    Mimirs only work on the Outer Planes. If brought to the Inner, Astral, Ethereal, or Prime Material Planes, they'll just babble a load of gibberish. Take it back to the Outer Planes, though, and it'll work again.

    Certain spells can block a mimir, too. A dispel magic will temporarily stop it from working, and spells such as feeblemind will make it babble. It won't work in area of silence or a dead magic zone, but it recovers instantly if taken out of the spell's reach.

    These devices don't often get lost. They float naturally, and follow their owners just like ioun stones.

    Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, know direction, magic mouth, creator must have 5 ranks in Knowledge (The Planes); Cost 1,000 gp
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