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Phoenix-Forged Steel

Phoenixes are a primal incarnation of fire and chaos. Very rarely, one will allow its flames to be used when a lesser creature is forging steel out of iron. When this happens, the mystical properties of this flame become imprinted into the steel, changing it to its very core. When used to make armor, this material warms the wearer at all times, acting as a non-magical Endure Elements spell when the wearer is subjected to cold climates (see Frostburn for more details).

In addition, anyone with a Chaotic alignment who dons this type of armor receives an additional insight bonus to their AC, a bonus equal to 1/4 of their HD (minimum 1). Conversely, anyone with a Lawful alignment who attempts to don such armor instead receives double the equivalent amount of negative levels, which never result in actual level loss, but cannot be removed as long as the armor is continued to be worn.

Weapons made out of Phoenix-Forged Steel are treated as having the Flaming property if they are wielded by a creature with a Chaotic alignment. If wielded by a Lawful creature, this damage is instead dealt to them whenever they would hit an enemy, and any Fire Resistance/Immunity they possess doesn't apply to that damage.

Phoenix-Forged Steel has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 10.

Armor/Shield/Other Cost: As Mithral +50%.

Weapon Cost: +2,000 gp, and enchantments cost an extra 25%.