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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Special Materials

    this is for the slippery little hawk, or is he an octopus, hard to tell with the gifs.

    Silent Hawk Feathers

    These feathers are friction-less; they do not make any sound when moving and even light slides right past making them each look like an empty black abyss in the shape of a feather. any medium armor, light armor, or shield normally not made out of metal can be made out of these feathers. These armors and shields are considered masterwork except the armor check penalty is reduced to 0. shields confer a +1 deflection bonus to ac to the wielder. Armor made out of this material grants a +3 competence bonus to hide and move silently checks, and increases base land speed by 5ft.

    Silent hawk feathers have 15 hp per inch of thickness and 7 hardness, however any attack made to sunder or destroy an object made of silent hawk feathers suffers a 20% miss chance.

    cost: light armor +6000g, medium armor +10000g, shield +3000g
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