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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Special Materials

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbluff View Post
    Oh, modifications? Like Elvencraft? Sure.
    Is it weird that my first gut reaction was the Dwarf Fortress player in me balking at Dwarvencraft and Elvencraft being equated?
    Oh well, time I contributed.

    Non-magical items which have been treated with alchemical reagents and buried in magically charged snow or encased in magically charged ice can become Snowdrenched.
    Snowdrenched items are icy to the touch and tinged with iridescent green frost crystals or sometimes they drip with snowflakes so cold they sting at the touch.

    Only masterwork mundane items or made from special materials can be Snowdrenched. An item must be treated to become Snowdrenched at its creation. Snowdrenched weapons deal 1 point of additional cold damage when wielded while Snowdrenched armors deal 1 point of cold damage to an enemy when they are grappled or when they grapple the wearer of the armor.

    Snowdrenched items are brittle and have one quarter the Hardness and hit points and they take double damage from fire and sources of fire damage. When a Snowdrenched item is reduced to zero hit points or otherwise destroyed they burst apart exploding into a torrent of snow and ice fragments, seemingly far more material than could have composed the item. All enemies within a 5 foot radius of a destroyed Snowdrenched item are and are buried in snow (see Frostburn page 90) unless they succeed at a DC 22 Reflex save.

    The armor check penalty of a Snowdrenched armor or shield is lessened by 2 compared to an ordinary item of its type. To determine the price of a Snowdrenched item, use the original weight but add 20 gp per pound to the price of a masterwork version of that item.

    Line-Towing items are items drenched in the lawful light of legal deeds. Bound magically to the last will and desire of a dying paladin these items are infused with that paladin's essence in an almost ghostly manner.

    The ritual to call forth the dying emotions and drive of a paladin can be performed by chaotic creatures as a perversion or by lawful creatures as an honor. The ritual must be performed at the location where the paladin died but there is no time limit. Anytime after a particular paladin has died will suffice but only so long as the name and title of the paladin is known and called aloud as part of the greater ritual. The ritual requires 2,000gp worth of holy oils and religious relics. Only items made of special materials can become Line-Towing.
    A similar ritual exists for anti-paladins as well and the results are almost identical.

    When wielded or worn by a lawful character masterwork Line-Towing items provide and additional +1 to attack if they are weapons or have their armor check penalty reduced by 1 if they are armors. When wielded or worn by a chaotic character these bonuses are reversed.

    The true purpose of infusing a paladin's dying emotions into a Line-Towing item is to allow it's possessor to force lesser creatures to tow the line and follow the possessor's commands. Once per day the possessor of a Line-Towing item can speak a command word to cause the Line-Towing item to affect a target creature as though with a Command spell with an effective caster level equal to the possessing character's character level. Though the effect is entirely mundane in nature consider it a mind affecting effect.

    Dragonshaped items are items that have literally been crafted by industrious dragons. Lesser creatures can sometimes create items that are effectively Dragonshaped but those items are obviously of lesser quality being hewn by lesser hands. Dragonshaped items are always encrusted with jewels and wealth and loot from the dragon's hoard causing them to exude an aura of prestige and majesty commensurate with the value of the hoard from which those baubles came.

    Any item that is made of a special material can be Dragonshaped so long as gems, wealth, or even art objects valuing five times the item's base price are incorporated into it at creation. These decadent adornments cannot be removed without destroying the Dragonshaped item.

    Dragonshaped items are so enthralling that mere mortals dare not look upon them without peril. A non-Dragon creature which looks at a Dragonshaped item is affected as though by a non-magical gaze attack that causes varying degrees of mind-affecting mental paralysis. Gazing on a Dragonshaped item becomes Dazzled. Unless the creature succeeds at a DC 22 Will save it is then Dazed for two rounds.
    Dragons in the presence of a Dragonshaped item are distracted by the wealth and cannot act during surprise rounds.

    I'll let you folks sort out who these are for. Wish I knew anyone well enough to personalize these more than just by name though.
    While typing these I had the idea to wonder what armor crafted from the "hide" ofa destroyed golem would be like and resisted the urge to type up my own material.
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