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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    For those who might be interested...

    Level 15, Mythic Tier 6

    I'm including some purchases made by the party in Nocticula's palace in the session we played yesterday, as this came quite soon after leveling.

    Main changes:
    - 15th level Feat: Improved two weapon fighting
    - 6th Tier path ability: Precision critical.
    - New Trick: Mage bane (rogue talent)

    - 15th level Feat: Metamagic Maximize.
    - 6th Tier path ability: Arcane Metamastery II
    - School power (From bloodline): +2 to necromancy DC.

    Mad Dog:
    - 15th level Feat: Raging Vitality.
    - 6th Tier path ability: Perfect Strike.
    - Rage power: Energy absorption.

    - 15th level Feat: Greater spell penetration.
    - 6th Tier path ability: Mythic spells.

    Stat Andera Julian Mad dog Sena
    Race Human Human Half elf Aasimar (human scion)
    Class Ninja 15 Sorcerer 15 Barbarian 15 Cleric of Calistria 15
    Mythic path Trickster Archmage Champion Hierophant
    Alignment CG CG CG Beyond Morality
    HP 175 196 (Due to improved Campaign trait- +3 hp/lvl 226 156
    Abilities (Heroic scores) 10 (14 with belt)
    27 (33 with belt)
    14 (18 with belt)
    13 (15 with headband)
    18 (20 with headband)
    10 (12 with belt)
    14 (18 with belt)
    14 (18 with belt)
    12 (18 with headband)
    12 (16 with headband)
    28 (34 with headband)
    28 (30 with belt)
    14 (16 with belt)
    18 (20 with belt)
    10 (12 with Breastplate)
    10 (12 With Breastplate)
    10 (14 with belt)
    10 (14 with headband)
    26 (32 with headband)
    18 (20 with headband)
    Traits Improved Chance encounter
    group fighter
    Improved Exposed to awfulness
    Arcane temper
    Improved Stolen Fury
    Demon slayer
    Improved Touched by divinity
    eyes and ears of the city
    Special class features: Skirmisher archetype.
    Tricks: Vanishing trick
    Sacred sneak attack
    Wall climber
    Sudden disguise
    Bleeding attack
    Invisible Blade
    Ghost step
    Master disguise
    Magebane attck
    Arcana Bloodline
    Green sting scorpion familiar
    Rage powers: Superstition
    Intimidating glare
    Witch hunter
    Fire resistance
    Greater fire resistance
    Eater of magic
    Energy absorption
    Domains: Deception
    Good (Divine source)
    Liberation (Divine Source)
    School power: Necromancy +2
    Path signature ability Surprise attack Wild arcana Sudden attack Inspired spell
    Path ability Defensive Move
    Legendary Weapon (Chandi)
    Mirror Dodge
    Menacing Whisper
    Minor Artifact (Chandi)
    Precise critical
    Enduring armor
    Eldritch Breach
    Arcane metamastery 2
    Legendary item
    Divine Source
    Show of charisma (Extra path ability)
    Flash of rage
    Burst through
    Penetrating damage
    Titan's rage
    Perfect Strike
    Heathen slayer
    Faith's reach
    Enduring spell
    Sleepless (Extra path ability)
    Beyond Morality
    Divine Source (Extra path ability)
    Display of intelligence
    Mythic spells
    Regular feats Weapon finesse
    Two weapon fighting
    Shadow strike
    Blind fight
    Extra ki
    Step up
    Follow step
    Step up and strike
    Improved critical (Wakizashi)
    Improved two weapons fighting
    Eschew materials
    Spell penetration (+ greater)
    Improved Counterspell
    Expanded arcana (X2)
    Metamagic- silent, still, persistent, selective, dazing, quicken, Maximized
    Skill focus (Survival)
    Power attack
    Finishing cleave
    Weapon focus (Great sword)
    Improved critical (Great sword)
    Critical focus (Great sword)
    Furious Focus
    Intimidating Prowess (Breastplate)
    Raging vitality
    Combat casting
    Selective channeling
    Heavy armor proficiency
    Alignment channel (Vs. Chaotic evil)
    Demon hunter
    Channel Smite
    Divine Interference
    Spell Penetration (+Greater)
    Mythic feat Mythic weapons finesse
    Mythic blind fight
    Mythic improved critical
    Spell lore x2 (Mythic spell)
    Extra path ability (Display of Cha)
    Mythic power attack
    Mythic improved critical
    Mythic dodge
    Extra mythic power (Sleepless)
    Extra path ability (Divine Source)
    Mythic heavy armor
    Top skills Stealth +34
    Disable Device +35
    Acrobatics +27
    Escape artist +28
    Climb +21
    UMD +22
    Bluff +30
    Diplomacy +27
    Intimidate +19
    Know (Arcana) +19
    Spellcraft +19
    Intimidate +26 (Breastplate)
    Perception +24
    Survival +19
    Acrobatics +12
    Diplomacy +22
    Sense Motive +22
    Perception +22
    Knowledge planes +14
    Signture Magic Items Chandi- Minor Artifact (Through universal path)
    Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 10
    Eternal bond
    Wakizashi of the planes
    Precise Strike
    Ghost touch
    Holy (Imbued by Amulet of the Bond)
    Dimension door 3/day
    True strike 3/day
    Brilliance- Legendary Item
    Headband Cha +6, int +6, Wis +4
    Spell casting (Cleanze)
    Warlord's Breastplate +4
    Int, cha +2
    Gain Intimidating Prowess
    Heroism 3/ day (Only on others)
    Defiant (Evil outsiders)
    Sword of Paradox-
    +2 transformative (One handed blade)
    +2 worth of abilities, changed by wielder (currently Holy)
    Swift action- change material and alignment
    Considered Epic for DR purposes.
    Path signature ability Surprise attack Wild arcana Sudden attack Inspired spell
    Main magic items Belt and headband (Above)
    +1 spell storing cold iron wakizashi
    Mithral shirt +4, shadow
    Daredevil boots
    Cloak of resistance +4
    Ring of protection +3
    Ring of major fire resistance
    Gloves of storing (Holding the second Wakizashi)
    Amulet of the Bond (Add +2 worth abilities to weapon. Currently holy)
    Bag of holding II
    Wardstone Fragment
    Lots of wands
    Lots of arrows
    Belt and headband (Above)
    White robe of the magi
    Amulet of natural armor +2
    Ring of protection +3
    Rod of Persistent spell
    Lesser rod of maximize
    Lesser rod of empower
    4 spell knowledge pages
    Flying carpet 5x10
    Handy Haversack
    Lexicon of Paradox
    Belt of Dwarven kind (Also +2 Str and Dex)
    Great sword cold iron +2 evil outsiders bane
    Heaven's Fall (Staunton Vhane's earthbreaker)
    Ring of Protection +5
    Amulet of natural armor +3
    Cloak of resistance +2
    Helmet of the fortunate soldier
    Ring of inner fortitude (Minor)
    Boots of Flying
    Headband and belt (Above)
    Mithral Full plate +4 of speed (Glammered)
    Light wooden shield (To hold rod)
    Cloak of resistance +5
    Rod of quicken spell
    Boots of jumping and striding
    Mitre of the Heirophant
    Malleable holy symbol
    Bag of holding III
    2 Incense of meditation
    20K+ gp worth of diamond dust
    5,000 gp worth of incense
    Scroll of resurrection
    Scroll of raise dead
    Lots of scrolls
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