Hey, just wanted to let you two know that your comments have been read, and that sone work has been done based off of them! (Particularly to crimson revelry (which costs a bonus action to activate and procs only off of damage you deal on the same turn now), and two of the pre-existing enhancements (large pool and exultant slaughter). I am planning on changing more and giving you both in-depth responses to your feedback when I get the time (likely Monday or Tuesday).

Oh, and based on some feedback I got on skype the blood lord got a change to them... Blood puppet has been completely removed, replaced instead by an AOE hold person-esqu effect that costs a hit die to activate and concentration to maintain. (Also targets two of the better saving throws enemies can be expected to have (con initially and then str afterwords)). It fits the idea of a bloody tyrant and crowd control theme better IMO, and is far less complex.

Sentinel might just be made into a fighter subclass by this point instead (with modifications to the necessary parts, of course). If's just... Really, really dysfunctional thematically, and with racial subclasses completely unnecessary for filling up the "quota" I feel obliged to create.

But just to make this clear, yes I have read your feedback, and more changes/ rebalances and responses are incoming! But do note that I might get some work done on the dragons or elementals of the void projects that are still ongoing first... Partially because that's relatively quick, and partially because it's actually easier to work on them during my 15 minute breaks at work than it is to keep a coherent response to you two going. So if you see either of those pop up before I get back to you, I am not ignoring this or you, I really just don't have the time right now!

And with that, I really need to get some sleep...