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Thread: Dungeon Master [DM/GM] Registry

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    Name: Ninja_Prawn. Ninja, Prawn or N_P for short.
    Availability to Host Campaigns: Not really, at the moment. I can't run more than 1 right now, and I have no intention of dropping AFA.
    Contact Information: PM is best.
    Posting Frequency: I'm on every day, usually several times a day.
    Systems You Can Run: D&D 5e and HSHC, via forum and/or Roll20.
    Preferred Campaign Types: On the forum, I tend towards campaigns heavy on social interaction (which some refer to as 'roleplay-heavy', much to my annoyance). I'm naturally inclined toward fey-themed campaigns, but that's by no means the only thing I can do.
    Sample Game Threads: Children's Toys (OOC), Lilywhite Ladies (OOC), Travails in Suzail (OOC), Woodland Storm! (OOC)
    Current Games: A Faerie Affair (OOC)
    Future Games: I might be interested in running a mid-level game where the players travel across the outer planes, and I have semi-solid plans for a mid-level (9) game where everyone has to play a paladin. Or an evil game set in the world of Dungeon Keeper. I can't handle any more games right now, though.
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