Alright, keep in mind this is mostly supposed to be a work in progress. I'll tweak any real important details as they come up!

First off, let's go with my not-so-nice character!

Kujoh Makoto

Age: 16
Gender: Male (and not just because he's a major ****)
Height: 158 cm (sorry guys, I don't do inches)
Weight: Scrawny!
Faction: Wishcraft Foundation (but with an agenda!)
Rank/Station: Technically not really applicable (see background)

Makoto is a scrawny, short teen. He has waist-long, fiery red hair that he likes to style in a topknot much of the time, and his lack of muscle tone gives him a mildly androgynous feel right up until he opens his mouth, having a much too baritone voice for someone his size. His features are soft, in some ways almost child-like, with sharp green eyes and lightly tanned skin. He changes wardrobe often, but seems to have a preference for late 19th century wear, both Western and Japanese. "Modern male Haute Couture is for suckers", he claims, and has in fact created his own clothing line.

Makoto was, simply put, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The Kujoh family controls the like-named Kujoh Zaibatsu, an international conglomerate whose economic ascension was almost directly tied to the Wishcraft Foundation and the adoption of magical technology. They are arguably responsible for one of the first fuel-efficient grief cube generators, and seven out of every ten inventions that employ magic energy in some fashion. Having been raised in an absolutely ruthless psychological environment, completely divested of the simplest notion of morals, and thoroughly neglected in respect to the smallest gesture of love and appreciation, in addition to having his genetics heavily tampered with, Makoto became the most rotten, twisted little psycho you'll ever meet. He became a mashou, like many, for the wish it granted - but not out of selflessness in any respect.

If genetics were a chapter of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, whoever messed with Makoto's wanted to make Kars. Everything from his health to his complexion was improved. The mildest trace of genetic components leading to disease? Erased. Intellect? Amplified by God only knows how much. Even his otherwise short build had a purpose - mostly to improve his longevity and avoid diseases associated with greater demands later in life. His bones and muscles were also artificially enhanced to be almost on par with a low-level mashou BEFORE he became one. All of his augmentations are biochemical, however - which places a definite limit against cybernetic augmentations of the same type.

Mashou info:

Wish: Makoto desired to be able to read and manipulate the hearts and minds of people. In so many words, he's a telepath. He can both read and implant information onto a subject's mind - and erase or overwrite it, as well. This power has two levels, which essentially depend on the resistance of the victim's mind. At level 1, the victim is unaware that anything is amiss even on a failed attempt to read or influence the mind. At level 2, resistance is not just noticeable, but painful and immediate, and the victim can instinctively pinpoint its source. It also requires greater effort on Makoto's part, and can result in him "breaking" a part of the victim's mind if he goes too far. For both of those reasons, he prefers not to use level 2, due to how tasteless it is. Mashou are neither particularly resistant nor susceptible to this power. As far as he's been able to ascertain, there is a certain level of correlation between the fear his victim has of him and the ease with which he can establish use of his power - and he can tell how far he can go without forcing the use of level 2. He doesn't know how other emotions relate to his power, though he supposes negative emotions in general lower one's resistance. Memories "stolen" or control established in this fashion can both be restored to their former states through a combination of therapy, epiphanies and psychological trauma (in other words, moments of growth for the character under the effect). The power requires that Makoto make live visual contact at least once with his victim, so a photograph, a still from a camera or a recording doesn't work, but a live camera or direct observation does. (In meta terms, anyone can feel free to volunteer information he should be able to gather through use of this ability at their leisure, or it can be used as a plot device. Thus, any reason can be used to resist it, even passively, if the target player so desires. It is a consent-only ability.)

Costume/thematics: Red. Leather. Chains. Lots of exposed skin. Bulging speedos. Need I really say more, or should I draw it so you can all be traumatized forever?

Abilities: Aside from the usual physical boosts (added on top of his genetic manipulation), Makoto has discovered that many wraiths are particularly susceptible to broadcasting their thoughts in the middle of battle, which often translates into what appears to be low-level precognition. His knack for fighting is also amplified by the speed at which his brain normally works, making him a highly tactical fighter. As such, it is no surprise that his greatest skill lies with a weapon that is capable of multiple configurations.

He calls it Alice's Treasure Box, as a direct shout-out to a doujinshi circle from the early 21st century he really likes. Essentially, the weapon changes shape in many different ways, adapting to the situation as required. It can be of any size from a dagger to roughly twice Makoto's admittedly small size, shifting into anything from lances to swords to daggers to armor to miniature wave motion cannons. All of them share certain characteristics, however.

1- The bigger they are, the less durable they are. Thus, the biggest guns he can make up are good for one shot only before they must shift into something much smaller.
2- All of his weapons have a hit limit, which he counts in "bullets". This is because each direct hit causes an impact that consumes one "bullet", which is then ejected. Parries and near-misses cause no direct expenditure, but the weapon may overheat if used in this fashion for long, forcing him to eject a bullet in any case. (This is the case even for shields, but those have a higher ammo limit as they are not used for attacking)
3- When a weapon is out of bullets, it cannot be accessed until it "reloads". This also happens when a weapon overheats, but the "cooldown" period is much longer. The more weapons in a reload cycle, the least bullets he has available for the remaining weapons. Therefore, using the big guns in rapid succession will cause him to run out of options very soon.

In addition to this, Makoto has a main elemental power: heat control. Most of his magic shots have either a hot or cold variant, but he doesn't need to shoot necessarily in order to use this - he can control heat remotely up to one mile, provided he has a clear line of sight to the location. His most common use of this ability consists in rapidly supercooling an impact point shortly before smashing it in with a heat-infused strike, thus amplifying the damage from thermal shock. Hot or cold variants do not count as separate "bullets" for his weapons.