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    Default Re: Grief In the Shell: Madokapunk FFRP OOC/Recruitment

    Hm. Been some time since I logged on. Still, I do have interest in this premise, and the cast of characters is looking rather interesting. So, suppose that I'll throw my hat into the ring.

    Watanabe Satou/ “Reaper Satou”
    Age: 56
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Neo-Mitakihara Security Force
    Rank: Detective
    Height: 180 cm
    Weight: 285 kg. (looks as though he weighs ~90)
    The first thing that most people notice when encountering Watanabe Satou is the almost palpable aura of weary cynicism that follows him like a stormcloud through the bright lanes of the city. The second would be the fact that he’s about half a head taller than most. The third would be his face, a weathered edifice with surprisingly piercing eyes, a seemingly permanent five-o’-clock shadow, and a roughly combed back silver mane of hair.

    Remarkably, his absurd clothing comes in only a distant fourth. He is almost always found in a black trenchcoat, thick gloves, and combat boots. On those rare occasions that he removes the coat, revealing (usually) a buttoned-down office shirt and dress pants held up by suspenders, people generally understand why.

    While Neo-Mitakihara could be charitably called a police state, in terms of surveillance and response to threats to public peace, its security forces still seek to project a friendly image toward the public. Even if his winning personality were capable of it, Watanabe Satou could never manage that. He has quite extreme augmentations, and is very obviously built as a war machine. (See Augmentations)

    Watanabe Satou was designed as a titan of the battlefield, capable of facing wraiths with strength, speed, stamina, and toughness comparable to the most physically-inclined mashou. His limbs were replaced with Gundanium prosthetics, built with a magitech alloy designed by a rather ingenious otaku, which are several times stronger than most other materials, with servos powered by extremely high-capacity batteries, charged at fusion plants.

    Within them are myriad self-sharpening monomolecular blades, capable of slicing through essentially anything that doesn’t outright require magic to destroy. The scything appearance of these blades was how he acquired the nickname of “Reaper Satou.” His entire remaining skeleton was likewise coated in Gundanium, and his brain protected by a sheath of biocompatible ballistic gel, in a rather painful (and likely lethal, without magical healing techniques) series of surgeries, allowing him to survive the forces that his new limbs could subject him to at maximum power. His skin was also implanted with Steelskin, a precursor to Duraskin, a military-grade augmentation that allows minimal damage from any purely physical attack up to an anti-tank rifle.

    To allow his brain to keep up with the speed of his limbs, he was outfitted with an adrenal booster, capable of massively augmenting his perceptual speed.

    In order to destroy the cores of wraiths, which are metaphysical, and thereby do require magic to finish off, he was outfitted with a revolver that he nicknamed “Betty,” capable of firing specialized ammunition made of grief cubes, creating bullets of pure magic, in a facsimile of a true mashou weapon.

    He was also granted a lab module for his left hand, allowing state-of-the-art analyses of wraith attack sites.

    All of this was thirty years ago.

    Today, when operating to spec, Satou remains as terrifying a force as ever. However, his augmentations were not designed to last this long- he was expected to perish in the line of duty within twenty years. His limbs’ high-capacity batteries are now limited to five minutes of full-power service life between charges- maybe another minute if he’s okay with being paralyzed thereafter. His adrenal booster sometimes partially activates when it shouldn’t, granting him night terrors.

    With the physical adjustments of aging, his Steelskin implants dig into a few of his organs, causing him continuous, low-grade pain. And his heart is weakened by overuse of his adrenaline. His augmentations, built so deeply into him that they could not be knocked offline by a wide variety of attacks, can also not be removed without surgery that, after several years of Satou’s cells growing over them, would have a decent chance of killing the old soldier.

    Finally, grief cubes have become a very highly sought-after commodity. As such, the NMSF cannot justify the expense of creating new bullets for Betty. Thus, Reaper Satou is no longer tasked with hunting wraiths, except as a last resort.

    Instead, he uses his lab module, and his decades of experience as a hunter of the most elusive magical prey, to protect the people of Neo-Mitakihara from other threats, such as the new class of magitech criminals who infest the city, or to begin the wraith hunt for the mashou who now work alongside the rest of the Security Force. The steps needed to track magitech crime have steadily beaten much of his idealism out of him, but Satou remains a devoted, if weary, protector of the city.

    He is known to have other, classified duties. Those who play characters with very high clearance regarding the Neo-Mitakihara Security Force, or who are likewise upon the STR team, are welcome to read further.
    Reaper Satou’s nickname takes a darker meaning for those in the know. In addition to the publically acknowledged roles of investigators of unusual wraith incidents and hunters of magitech criminals, the STR team is also responsible for the quasi-legal execution of mashou deemed to be a public security hazard. This classification is not made lightly, but, once made, there are no checks on the STR team carrying out that duty, save their own conscience.

    Reaper Satou, due to his long experience, and combination of duty to the public and sympathy for mashou, given the formative experience of having his life, among others, saved by the Mitakihara Seven, is one of the few tasked with deciding upon, and carrying out, these executions. For them, if he cannot carry out the task with more subtlety, he wields one of the more advanced rifles available to the NMSF- a gyrojet gun connected to the entire NMSF surveillance network, capable of making up to seven 90 degree turns, and locking on to a given target.

    Watanabe Satou was one of the traumatized survivors of the desolation of Mitakihara, living largely thanks to the efforts of Mayor Sato and those like him. The rage and sorrow that he felt at the suffering of those around him were quite remarkable in a child, and he swore, when he could, that he would do whatever was necessary to protect people from such a tragedy ever repeating itself. To that end, when the opportunity came for normal humans to step up, and gain the power to protect their community from wraiths, he readily accepted it.
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