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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Special Materials (and modifications like wand chambers

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    I have given up waiting for stuff created inspired by my forum persona a long time ago.
    Never fear, Paladin's here.

    Drunken Iron
    This metal was invented by a dwarven smith whose funds had all but run dry. One fateful day, when business was slow and the ale was plentiful, the smith accidentally quenched a sword in his keg of ale instead of oil! Thus, drunken iron was created. This metal has a marbled bronze look, making it a unique and eye catching material.

    Weapons forged from drunken iron deal 1 point of constitution damage when they strike an opponent (dc 12 fortitude negates) and armor forged from drunken iron grants damage reduction 10/-, but it deals 1d4 wisdom damage when donned that can only be overcome by removing the armor.

    Type of Item Item Cost Modifier
    Ammunition +60 gp
    Light Armor +5,000 gp
    Medium Armor +10,000 gp
    Heavy Armor +15,000 gp
    Shield +2,000 gp
    Weapon +3,000 gp
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