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    The Paladins' Loyalty
    (Warning, Wall of Text)

    "This...well, strange... semi-sentient material seems to be magical in nature and of the purest Good, yet one can not find a deific or planar origin of it, and it is known merely that it is stumbled upon by those it deems worthy. Not to mention, of all its properties, the strangest must be that it changes to whatever material is requested by a Good-devoted smith or weaver or woodworker, or any other Good crafter."

    This material may be made to emulate any other general material type, such as wood, cloth, leather, metal and so forth. The type of material Paladins' Loyalty is used as makes no difference to the end product. Indeed, the entire item can be made entirely of the same Paladins' Loyalty, even if there are multiple parts and materials, such as a sword, or a metal shield with a leather strap.

    The crafter may
    only be Good. Paladins' Loyalty never allows any other alignment to shape it. This special material does not increase the DC to craft an item, unlike other special materials. If the crafter has telepathy, or has on his person an non-evil intelligent magic item with telepathy, he gains +5 to the craft check to create an item out of The Paladins' Loyalty, as it pushes the crafter to make it just right. The exception is to any one-time use, or expendable item, as the Paladins' Loyalty seeks loyalty from its user(s) too. As such, any attempt to turn it in to such items automatically fail, with the crafter knowing why.

    An item made of Paladins' Loyalty never lets an Evil creature hold it, inflicting 1d6 negative levels to any such creature that tries to, and disables all magical and innate properties of the item (making it little better than a stick) in their hands. If it is stuck in Evil territory and doesn't foresee it's previous owner, or a prospective new one, rescuing it, then it will dissipate back to wherever it came from at a rate of 10 pounds per minute. Magic can not stop or repair this damage once this self-destruction has started. Paladins' Loyalty also disables all magical properties, and properties granted by the item being made of this material, if wielded by a neutral character as well, but otherwise doesn't react.

    A weapon made
    of Paladins' Loyalty is considered Good and Lawful for the purpose of damage reduction, when beneficial, and strike creatures with the Evil subtype as though they had no damage reduction, energy resistance or miss chance. Paladins' Loyalty weapons always deal nonlethal damage to Good aligned creatures that it strikes (at no penalty). Both effects can go off on the same target, if the target were both Good and had the Evil subtype.

    Any Armor made of Paladins' Loyalty has DR 13/Good, as it simply doesn't know who to support if both the attacker and the wearer are Good. Additionally, Good characters treat this armor as though it were 1 weight class lighter than normal (heavy to medium, for example), and the armor has half its base ACP and Spell Failure chance, with any further reductions/increases working from there. Evil creatures, if they manage to equip it, may only move at 5 ft / round.

    And lastly
    , any Paladins' Loyalty item that finds an owner it accepts can allow the owner to mentally call the item as a swift action. The new owner just "knows" that they can do it. They might not know why, but they know they can. Weapons or similar items instantly teleport in to their owner's hand. If it is armor, it appears around the owner's body, perfectly donned.

    Almost no one
    would sell items of Paladins' Loyalty, even if they could. Typically, if one has an item of Paladins' Loyalty, it's because they found it, and were accepted.
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