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Necrotic Ore
Necrotic Ore is only found in locations with immense amounts of undead or surrounded by many creatures with taint. This ore is created over many years, where negative energy has condensed in pockets and infected local iron deposits. It shares the appearance of iron, but has a sickly dark energy that swirls over it.

Because of it's nature, Necrotic Ore can only be effectively wielded by undead and will bestow a temporary negative level on any living creature that touches it. In addition to this, it will also begin to slowly taint it's user at an alarmingly fast rate of two taint points per round.

Weapons forged from Necrotic Ore function as a tainted creatures natural attacks would. They also half the cost of all evil enhancements, as the material takes to the enhancement much easier.

Armor forged from Necrotic Ore functions similarly to the vampiric weapon enhancement, except that it only works upon receiving damage from a natural attack or unarmed strike.

Type of Item Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition +100 gp
Light Armor +8,000 gp
Medium Armor +18,000 gp
Heavy Armor +25,000 gp
Shield +5,000 gp
Weapon +7,000 gp