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    Two more characters for the public's reception. This is probably it for me on the character front, at least for now.

    Asuna Hayami

    Age: 21 (Wish made at 16)
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5' 4"
    Weight: 110 ibs.
    Faction: Independent (Associated with Zeal Technologies and the Wishcraft Foundation)
    Rank/Station: Idol
    Theme Song: Halestorm - I am the Fire


    Asuna Hayami is a stunningly gorgeous individual; she has often been compared to statues or paintings due to her absolute physical perfection. Even her movements are a display of flawless control and grace. Asuna is of Japanese descent. Her hair, which hangs down to her waist, bears no consistent color and is consistently dyed, sometimes in multiple colors. Asuna usually dresses in very intricate outfits.


    Asuna is somewhat notable for entering into the public eye before becoming a Magical Girl. She became an idol at the age of 15, achieving moderate but not outstanding success and maintaining her position without falling or advancing in popularity. All of this shifted a little over a year and a half after her initial debut. Asuna publicly announced that she had become a Magical Girl, immediately riding the surge of media attention to enhance her existing career. Since then, she has become one of the successful celebrities in Japan, hovering close to the top of the charts and consistently ranking high in popularity. There has been speculation that this was the end result of her wish, but the possibility of any foul play has not diminished her success.

    At present, Asuna has reached a firm stability with her position in the world. She also acts as a paid celebrity representative for Zeal Technologies as a PR measure and a volunteer spokesperson for the Wishcraft Foundation out of her own volition.



    "Give me what I need to succeed. Not the success."

    Thematics: Lightning, Extravagance, Flare
    Soul Gem: A yellow gem in the shape of a lightning bolt, worn as a pendant.
    Costume: Asuna's costume is fairly conventional, consisting of a uniform long shirt/vest/skirt/boots/stockings ensemble. Distinguishing it is a unique collar, from which twelve thin wires hang behind Asuna in a manner not unlike that of a cape, reaching down to her ankles. Asuna's uniform is predominantly yellow, with thin, jagged black lines crisscrossing the outfit to give the impression of thunderbolts.
    Abilities: Asuna's primary power as a Magical Girl is her control of electricity; she can generate powerful electric currents from her body or call down bolts of lightning from the sky to strike with precision or indiscriminate destruction. Asuna's electricity is controlled mostly by her will, allowing her to ignore impediments such as lightning rods or maneuver her bolts around obstacles, but moving the lightning in unnatural ways reduces its power and takes up significant effort and focus.

    Asuna's associated weapons are lightning rods, ranging in size from the length of batons to massive steel spears the size of telephone poles. Asuna can directly manipulate these rods to use as either projectiles or guides for her lightning. She has also trained in spear usage for situations where she is forced to fight in melee, but this is not her preferred form of combat at all.

    The wires on Asuna's uniform are also a weapon in her arsenal. Asuna can mentally control and lengthen these wires, which are both highly conductive and extremely durable. This has both offensive and defensive applications, and Asuna can attach lightning rods to the tips of the wires to render them more dangerous as well.

    Asuna is not immune to electricity, but can pass it harmlessly through her body with a minimal and almost instinctive effort of will. Despite this, a sudden and extreme disruption of her focus could potentially lead to her severely shocking herself.

    Asuna has developed her mobility to the point where she has become quite adept at flight; although not excessively fast, she has very precise control of her position.

    Asuna is moderately experienced, but makes up for any deficiencies with raw power and sheer ruthlessness; she is an aggressively dirty fighter, and doesn't hesitate at all in combat.

    Spasm Waltz: By attaching one of her wires to a smaller lightning rod and jabbing it into the neck or other appropriate target of an opponent, Asuna can override the target's nervous system and exert control over their body. This is jerky, imprecise, and incredibly painful, and usually kills the target within a few minutes, but is effective on humans, Wraiths, and even some machines.

    As a publicity measure, Asuna names many of her techniques, but most of those are some variant of "shoot lightning at them."
    Perception: Asuna is, unsurprisingly, very popular. Unlike the most prominent Magical Girls, Asuna is not an international celebrity and is largely unknown outside of Japan, but is one of the best known Magical Girls within that country. People closer to her, however, note a ruthlessly focused and very distant personality quite at odds with her public image. As a result, Asuna has no close friends despite a large network of acquaintances.

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