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    Default Re: Grief In the Shell: Madokapunk FFRP OOC/Recruitment

    Ok, character sheet.

    Leonardo Gomes Inoue
    Monikers: Captain Leon, Captain Gomes, Captain Inoue, Leon, Chief, Tin Can, Leonard.
    Age: 46
    Gender: Male.
    Height: A cylinder 50 cm high and 30 cm in diameter.
    Weight: Around 30 kg including his cylinder.

    Faction: NMSF. Minor ties to Zeal Industries.
    Rank/Station: Captain of the NMSF. Small shareholder in Zeal Industries.

    Description: Captain Inoue is, for lack of better wording, a brain in a jar. Said jar is a highly advanced magitech life support system powered by a Zeal Drive, with attachment ports for additional hardware, but shapewise, yeah, it is a jar.
    Spoiler: A close-up of the face of his 'cerimonial' robotic unit.

    As public records go, captain Leonardo Gomes Inoue was born in the year 2050 to a couple working in the construction of Neo-Mitakihara's very first district, victim to an aggressive degenerative disease likely caused by insalubrity in his parent's work place. He spent his youth as a patient/lab rat to a Zeal Industries medical division and is credited as the first successful recipient of the life support system that he uses to this day. The records gloss over his education background, leaping directly from the aforementioned information to his early work as an officer of the NMSF, then as a detective, and finally to his promotion to captain of the force, a post he has occupied for ten years.

    In some places of the world, people with more extensive cybernetic augmentations than Leon are no longer legally considered human. Of his original body, all that remains is an exposed central nervous system, other tissues long consumed by the disease that ravaged him in his youth or simply stripped outright during the surgery that put him in life support. That being said, few people without an engineering background in the world have the captain's expertise in driving robotic units and interfacing with the technology that makes modern society what it is.

    His life support container is generally attached to an android unit that people generally associate with the captain himself. This body is, strictly speaking, inferior in strength and durability to the augmented officers of the NMSF and the life support container itself, but given its mostly ceremonial use, this is not really an issue.

    In the event of the android's destruction, the container can move around on its own by means of a number of auxiliary limbs.

    As captain of the NMSF, there is scant little equipment that Leon has no access to. When deployed, he never uses anything lighter than a heavy combat unit and has been known to drive a heavily armed and armored spider tank to deal with certain issues of public order, some of which even warranted use of the military hardware.
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