So... Much... Yandere...

Yandere Cloth

This material looks like normal cloth, and it can be used to create regular clothing, but it actually carries a powerful magical curse on it. Anyone who dons clothing made out of this cursed material must make a Will save (DC 15+the victim's HD), as well as an additional one every hour thereafter until the cloth is removed, or fall madly in love with the next person they see (treat their attitude towards that person as Fanatic). The victim also gains one negative level every time they succeed on their saving throw. These negative levels cannot be removed by any means until the clothing is removed, unless the victim fails one of the later Will saves, in which case, all negative levels caused by the cloth are immediately removed.

Cost: Why would you want to buy this? Well, if you do, it's the same as a normal set of clothing (or whatever other cloth item you want).