Since Unseenmage and Draconium have been contributing for a while, and I don't see us doing a deities thread again, I'll write up deities for them. Here goes!

Spoiler: Dredhi the Unseen
Dredhi the Unseen, also known as the Master of the Great Wheel, is a deity as old as time, seeing as they constructed the planar cogs and gears that keep the universe in balance. He looked upon the foundation of Zaydos, and connected the planes, forming the Great Wheel. He is the source of all movement, all energy in the universe.

Dredhi (Ancient Deity)
Alignment: The mover of all, Dredhi is True Neutral
Domains: Metal, Craft, Artifice, Balance, Time, Creation
Worshippers: Sentient Constructs, Inventors, Clock makers
Favored Weapon: Longbow
Portfolio: Constructs, Time, Gears
Symbol: A gear, with different colored gems placed along the edge

Pantheon: The Ancient Pantheon

Spoiler: Nidhogg, Wyrm Magnus
Nidhogg, Wyrm Magnus, the Primal Drake, is a misunderstood and mysterious deity. Contained in the core of the planet, its ancient eggshell, the Wyrm Magnus birthed all dragons, even the great Tiamat, and is directly descended from the Creator Zaydos. They are the source of all tectonic and volcanic activity, as even in their eternal containment, they writhe and struggle, hoping to one day break free. In many cultures, Nidhogg is only seen as the Destroyer, the Herald of the Apocalypse, seeking only the death of the universe, but Nidhogg is also the creator and nurturer, allowing all life to thrive and prosper, only breaking free and ending life when the gods have condemned the universe.

Nidhogg (Elder Deity)
Alignment: At once chaotic and lawful, evil and good, Nidhogg has no alignment and is worshiped by all types.
Domains: Life, Destruction, Earth, Fire, Dragons
Worshippers: Everyone. Nidhogg has so many iterations and retellings of its story that almost all life worships one form or another of the Wyrm. Most Dragons are especially devoted to Nidhogg.
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Portfolio: Dragons, Apocalypse, Life
Symbol: A Dragon curled up and chained in the middle of a circle.

Pantheon: The Ancient Pantheon

There ya go, guys!