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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Special Materials (and modifications like wand chambers

    IZ42, in return...

    Fistwrap Paper
    Fistwrap Paper starts out as simple wraps most often used by monks to, well, wrap their fists and forearms.
    Once shredded and destroyed by heavy usethese wraps, be they gauze, parchmemt, cloth, or any other material would normally be trash.

    An enterprising smith saw potential in these discarded garments however. The fistwraps were soaked in the blood sweat and tears of the worlds warriors. She gathered scrapped fist wraps of every sort, ground them into paste, bleached, and pressed them into paper.

    Next she layered this Fistwrap Paper with layer after layer of an a combination laquer and adhesive paste made from the concentrated liquid badassery rendered from the Fistwrap in the papering process.

    A weapon treated with Fistwrap Paper is considered an unarmed or natural weapon, whichever is better, when wielded by a Monk.
    Fistwrap Papered armor allows nonmonks to make a single additional unarmed melee attack at their lowest BAB as though they were two weapon fighting in addition to an attack with the Fistwrap Papered item.

    Fistwrap Paper items cost thrice what a MW item of their kind would cost.

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    Thank you. Her name is Amaranth Era actually.
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