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    Default Re: So, Shadowfell, who rules it and who lives in it?

    Quote Originally Posted by deathbymanga View Post
    as I understand it, the Shadar-Kai were made when the gate to the Far Realm was destroyed. What would you use if you don't have the Gate in the first place in your setting?
    That's Shardminds, they're made of crystal from the "Living Gate" which used to keep the Far Realms out until somedeity blew it up. Shadar-Kai are mostly human-looking, just a bit more dark and edgy. I can understand the confusion with the similar names.

    Quote Originally Posted by deathbymanga View Post
    wait, so if the spellplague doesn't exist in other settings, how do they explain the existence of the Shadowfell?
    In the beginning, there was nothingness. But that was boring, so the Primordials came along and made a world and stuff. I'm not sure what they made it out of, but some of that stuff was too bright and magicy, so they put it to one side. Other stuff was too dark and dreary, so they put that to the other side. That discarded primordial stuff became the Feywild and Shadowfell respectively, while the rest became the material place. The Primordials thought this went well enough, then wandered off to do something else.

    Then the gods came along, and found this world in three parts. They moved in, and started playing a big game of Populous, Civilisation, The Sims, or GTA depending on what type of god they were. Crafting races in their own image out of dust and mud, having their guys fight the other gods' guys, that sort of thing.

    When the Primordials came back, they found all these pesky gods and mortals on their lawn. The Primordials wanted to rip up the lawn to build something else, but the gods didn't want to lose all their toys, so they had a big fight. This went backward and forward a bunch, and a lot of stuff got broken, until the "primal spirits of the land" woke to sentience and told the Primordials and the Gods to bloody stop it, and not come back!

    And that's how the world was made. Well, the default 4e world at least. Your world can get made however you want :)

    Yeah, I'm in a weird mood right now.
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