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    Well that was a bit harsh...

    I am in fact the DM in this case and perhaps I should have elaborated on that fact.
    I believe RAI is definately something, though I agree it is never a certainty what the developers were thinking (or smoking) at the time. Though you can glance what they wanted to achive by looking at the fluf line and the relative power level compared to other powers of similar level.

    But regardless, my underlying questions about using the power as a free action right away was of course if there is any rule errata or president that prevents this. If not, i'm fine with it.

    As for the power targeting the same creature or not. I'm actually the one telling the player that he can target others with it, but he refuses this because of the fluf line... So I was hoping someone could back me up in the fact that if it isn't stated to be the same target you can also target others. (I believe there are other powers that make that distinction but i'm not sure)
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