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I haven't seen him in a while, but this is for Zaydos!

Awesome and

Loyal Steel

Loyal steel is forged with bonemeal made from the skeletons of paladins, knights, and other warriors and protectors of law who fell in battle. Weapons made of loyal steel are as unswerving in their duty as the champions they were forged from. A creature wielding a loyal steel weapon gains a +4 bonus to resist disarm attempts or on saving throws or other checks made to keep it in hand. Creatures attempting to steal a loyal steel weapon suffer a -4 penalty on their Sleight of Hand check. Loyal steel weapons made primarily of metal make all saving throws as +2 and have +2 hardness and +5 hp compared to regular steel. Only masterwork weapons with metal parts can be made of loyal steel. As the critical threshold of knight bone is seemingly unaffected by the size of the weapon a loyal steel weapon costs 300 extra GP regardless of size.