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Thread: Simple Q&A D&D 4e Thread 3

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    A2: FWIW I once looked into an editor job at WOTC early in the 4E era, and my understanding of what they wanted from their editors comports with that separation of game design and flavor, since the intent was for design to be portable across the flavor spectrum.

    [Obiter Dicta]Based on two decades of work experience in publications, I suspect this is the lion's share for much of the company's infamous ambiguity and outright contradictions between published "crunch" and "fluff" going back to 3rd Edition, as copy is cheap and easy enough to produce, but real bona fide editing is a long, painstaking process that relies on free and open communication between the parties who are generating and editing content, and no corporation I have ever worked for has ever respected that process.[/Obiter Dicta]

    Anyway, A1: yes, Lightning Daggers can be repeated as a free action in the round it was first used for the simple reason that free actions are used during the turn of the character using them. From a game balance perspective this isn't that unreasonable, as it's a L15 striker daily on a class build written after MM3. It's definitely powerful, especially on a storm soul genasi, but I've been in a mid-paragon game where it was used frequently and we still had to rely on a good bit of luck and player intelligence to survive due to encounter design.

    Q3: has there ever been RAW that states that replacement stats for basic attacks (via feats like Melee Training or class features like Attack Finesse) also apply to generic attacks like grabs and bull rushes?
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