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    I have a problem. BUT THIS THING. IT JUST CAME OUT OF MY HEAD. I couldn't stop my hands! I just couldn't!

    Song Zhen
    Age: 21 (Body age 17)
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 154
    Faction: NMSF affiliate
    Station: Mashou Correspondent
    Speech: #660000 / #696969

    A rather pale young woman of chinese descent, Song Zhen usually has her immaculate black hair cut into an orderly short style that hangs just past her ears on the sides. Her eyebrows are distinctively broad, and her eyes a piercing shade of ocean blue, giving the impression of silent but pressing judgement to whoever she gazes upon. She is thin and tall, but fairly muscular nonetheless, having made her contract at an unusual age where her physical development was complete. She usually wears clothing reminiscent of military uniform, usually aligned with the NMSF. Her soulgem is set into an intricate pendant with loose ties to the goddess religion.

    When she is not quietly indulging in internal dialogue, Song Zhen is rather commandeering and intense. Every word is concise and cutting. Her tone may be a bit odd or formal for casual conversation, which likely makes her fairly uncomfortable company. Zhen is quite defensive of the Goddess religion (cult) and those who devote themselves to it, especially mashou, taking the vow of protection that the religion (cult) espouses extremely seriously. She is fairly dismissive of outsiders to the religion in day-to-day interaction, making it that much harder to approach her.

    A chinese refugee at age 8 from a town that suffered a bloody wraith assault, Song Zhen was brought to Japan and Neo-Mitakihara by a benevolent group of Goddess cultists (who helped clean up the wraith congregation, but the town had already suffered a large population loss). They helped apply her to the refugee immigration program, and when she was accepted (thankfully after a not-terribly-long time of 4 months) took her in, giving her shelter and other necessities. Naturally, Zhen took well to these do-gooders, and became a devout practitioner to the religion (cult). Surrounded by Mashou, she heard stories of compassion and love that uplifted her spirit from the bleak hole she'd found herself in within the splintered chinese countryside.

    Of course, that was all cut short when one of the sisters, Sato Aoi, was murdered. During a cooperative wraith hunt, a rival mashou (with some links to the Yakuza), Himura Hikari, "accidentally" struck Aoi's soul gem with a magical projectile. Interrogations made it murky as to whether it was an actual accident, but Wishcraft took a policy of forgiveness, allowing her and her companions to go free. Zhen's world shattered again. Aoi was like an older sister to her. And so, she did something extremely foolish. Calling out to the small enclave's usual hangabout incubator, she negotiated her contract. She became... something dark. She became a hunter of the sinful, clad in blood.

    She was not satisfied with simply targeting Hikari first. She took her closest companion first. Then the next. When she finally cut Hikari down, it was not enough. Those responsible for the decision to let Hikari free... those even unapologetic for the injustice. It went on for bloody days, before exhausted and near a corruption breaking point, the sisters of the Goddess cult enclave led her into a trap, talking her down from her path of retribution. Sorrow overcame her anger, saving her from destruction.

    Execution was strongly considered when it came to Zhen's fate, but in a somewhat ironic twist, Wishcraft (respecting the NMSF's input) chose the same verdict, with provisions for intensive therapy, daily oversight in a controlled facility, and allowed along on wraith hunts with supervision. Over the course of two years, Zhen went along with this before being allowed being allowed some independence, able to live on her own with surveillance and scheduled check-ins.

    Living with the guilt of her actions, Zhen saw fit to try and make it right, offering her services to the NMSF where they would choose to take it.

    Wish: "To punish the wicked and sinful, and make them suffer for their transgressions. To hunt them to the ends of the earth if need be."
    Monikers: Sinhunter, Executioner
    Thematics: Vengeance, Punishment, Pursuit.
    Costume: A cross between some manner of medieval robe and armor, mostly the greaves and gauntlets. A bit of exposed skin between her boots and the skirt of her robe. A hood covers her head, and a black mask fits over the top half of her face, with no visible eye holes or other method of sight (she can definitely see in some capacity, however). The robe/armor is lined with lines of gold filigree. The weapons Zhen conjures are large and intimidating, great swords, execution axes, and morning stars with some modern decoration, each of them glowing with golden fury when in use. She also makes use of chains and other conjured bonding devices.
    Abilities: A fearsome hunter, Zhen's powers focus on the punishment and pursuit of those who have committed immoral acts.
    • Pursuer: If Zhen speaks a person's name with knowledge of their face, while invoking a small amount of magical energy, she is immediately aware of their position in relation to her. This instinct gives her knowledge of the shortest and safest path to her quarry. This effect lasts for as long as she wishes, or until she leaves her magica form.
    • Inquisition: Zhen is inherently aware of each sin a person is responsible for when she observes them for an elongated period of time. This can be from tame as stealing a neighbor's newspaper to murder or worse.
    • Karmic Retribution: Zhen's weapons crackle with vindication for every sin a quarry has committed, and when striking someone, whether it is a nick or a full-on strike, they suffer a lingering effect for their transgressions, sapping at their vitality... or worse. For humans, this manifests as a manner of poison, making them drowsy and numb to sensation, before eventually losing consciousness (falling into fitful dreams of their wrongdoings). For magica, this punishment is much crueler. It speeds the corruption of their soul gem, and actually rots their body to degrees dependent on the severity of their sins. For those with power suffer worse for its misuse. This "poison" runs its course fairly quickly, and can be fought off with sufficient willpower or dispelling magics. But each strike is a judging blow, renewing the assault.
    • Sinner's Cage: By invoking a bit of magic and stabbing her weapon into the ground, Zhen can summon a host of blades and bars to stab up at an opponent, constructing a cage of blades if they aren't canny enough to move out of the way.
    • Finisher: Hellfire Trial: A finisher move, Zhen can focus all of the potential retributive energy she can unleash on a quarry, bathing them in an explosive ground-emanating pillar of scathing, burning energy. Naturally, the intensity of the attack is proportional to the sins the quarry has committed. Unlike her Karmic Retribution, this attack does not distinguish between mortal or mashou, burning each the same. As such, it is an attack of last resort with Zhen's more merciful outlook in recent days.

    Perception: Song Zhen is viewed as either a tragic tale, or as a bloody murderer, depending on who you ask. It's a bit of a polarizing issue, because anyone who knows of her has an opinion of whether or not she should have been executed. There's an argument, perhaps, that her recent exploits have led to some good, but it is undeniable that she is no less sinful than those she struck down.

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