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    Songforged Steel (Illyahr)

    Songforged steel is ordinary iron. It needs nothing special to construct besides high quality iron. However it needs something special to construct it. To create an object out of songforged steel requires the craftsman (and it must be the craftsman) to sing to the steel in the forge. As such creating a songforged object requires a Perform (Sing) check with a DC equal to the craft DC. An instrument made of songforged steel is always Mw and can be used to naturally amplify the sound doubling the range to which it will reach, and a weapon made of songforged steel can be used as an instrument with Perform (Percussion) every swing making a musical tone; a songforged weapon is not a masterwork instrument unless it is a masterwork weapon. Using a songforged weapon as both a weapon and an instrument at the same time applies a -2 penalty to attack rolls and a -10 penalty to Perform checks for quality, it may provide a higher bonus for presentation and impressing others. Songforged weapons are, of course, noisy and reduce the listen check DC to hear a combat using them by 10 and even a single subtle strike can be heard with a DC of 0. Songforged steel armor could theoretically be used as a gong, but would also make Move Silently impossible.

    Objects made of songforged steel costs triple the normal cost; this tripling is not applied to the Mw quality on weapons (and armor).
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