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Also, I had a quick question regarding hypermundane vows in general, and this was the one on the front page: in game worlds with supernatural transports (airships, the infamous lightning-powered trains), would riding on such a transport break their vow? What about being carried by someone under the effect of a fly or similar spell?
Using a magic item means doing something which triggers its effect - that is, you are considered to be "Using" a scroll if you cast the scroll, but if you hit someone over the head with it you aren't considered using it. Essentially, if you transfer the item from inactivity to activity (even only instantaneous activity) then you're using it - many items are active while worn (though there is an argument to be had that a Ring of Feather Falling can be worn and you only fall if you, well, fall) but unless you personally are the one actually activating the travel method, you're fine. You can ride an airship, just not switch it on or drive it.