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Also JNA, you wasn't supposed to complain about my English because you understood everything. That I'm not English doesn't mean you are a better homebrewer or something
I never claimed to be a better homebrewer. Please don't put words in my mouth.

For Broken Mind, I'd change the wording to reflect generic fluff, not your world specific fluff. It brings up some confusion.

Driven Out is the equivalent of an entire extra party member, as I explained earlier. Concentration doesn't matter because you can easily hang back and Repelling Blast people who get too near, so it's unlikely to be dropped. In addition, you're still contributing very well with your own Eldritch Blasts. I would advise cutting out the Force damage and Proficiency bonus to damage. That way, it's only 1d6+4 twice a round. Still pretty damn good, but not quite overpowered. (I think. It'd need testing.)

I'm really not sure how to buff True Self. It's kinda confusing-I'd honestly give a whole new mechanic to it. For instance, maybe gain a large pool of Temp HP created by a psychic ward that forms when you're in tune with yourself? I'm not sure, all I know is it could use a buff.