[Ward 4]
(Kato Tower 73F - Wishcraft Foundation Offices)

Mia lets out a cry as they drop a couple dozen feet onto the roof of the sky bridge, right before dust, fire, and rubble explode from the floor.

Mia just stares up blankly for a few moments before letting out an angry screech. "DAMMIT! DAMN YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL WHOEVER YOU ARE! ARGH!" She coughs up a bit of blood.

"I changed my mind. I'm gonna live to kick the ass of whoever did this."

(Kato Tower B1 - Maintenance Floor, somewhere)

Nadica's consciousness returns with a ringing in her head as she receives Leon's message. Every word from her mouth is some manner of expletive. The snap-point defensive barrier she made out of her wheelchair... was torn to pieces. And she was still flung through a few walls. As she channels healing through her soulgem, she pulls a grief cube out of the wreckage of her chair, cutting her fingers on some glass. ...well there goes her whiskey, too.

She reaches into a pocket to check her phone after it vibrates, her communicator was trashed. Gomes is dropping an EMP. Well. About time.

no clubbing tonight, just got thrown through 2 rooms by an angry block of C4

(Skybridge 71F - Kato-Moto connection)

Rio slides to the ground, holding Kin closely. The dog gives a few weak licks, breathing raggedly. Her classmate just... catches the hint, stopping his rapid and consecutive apologies. She doesn't pay Satou any mind.

"K-Kin... I..." Rio chokes on words for a moment. "P-please don't... don't die, I can't... I can't do this... without you..."

Kin just offers a tired nudge from his nose, hardly able to keep his eyes open. Rio holds his side, hands getting stained with blood. She looks up to the Incubator with teary eyes. It just gives her the usual blank stare back. "Do something!" She thinks about it. "I'll... I'll do it! Just..." She loses some steam as Kin's eyes close and his breathing slows to a glacial pace, letting out a sob.

The Incubator's eyes flash ominously. ...Well, if you accept the burden of fighting wraiths, what is it you'll trade your soul for, Koizumi Rio?

Words fail Rio, so thoughts will have to do. I want this to end, just... like it never happened. Nobody hurt. Nobody dead. But mostly I just... I want him to li...ve... Kin stops breathing as she finishes her thought. She shakes him. Then, a bit more desperately. The scream of sorrow she lets out is hard for anyone to miss. But...

The Incubator approaches slowly, arcing its "ears" towards Rio as she tenses up, and then flops over, a golden bead slowly coalescing over her head before descending downward.

Contract... accepted.

And then everything changed.