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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Domains And Domain Feats

    Loyalty Domain (LoyalPaladin of course)

    Granted Power: You gain Vow of Obedience as a bonus feat even if you don't meet the prerequisites. You also gain a +2 perfection bonus on Charisma based skill checks made to interact with barmaids but not other forms of bar servers.

    Domain Spells
    1. Faith HealingSpC
    2. Divine ProtectionSpC
    3. Magic Circle against Evil
    4. Divine Power
    5. Righteous Wrath of the FaithfulSpC
    6. Holy Smite, Greater (see below)
    7. Holy Sword
    8. Holy Aura
    9. LoyalPaladin's Solar Bow

    Spoiler: Holy Smite, Greater
    Holy Smite, Greater
    Evocation [Good]
    Level: Loyalty 6.
    Components: V, S
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
    Area: 20-ft.-radius burst
    Duration: Instantaneous (1 or more rounds); see text
    Saving Throw: Will partial; see text
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    This spell functions as Holy Smite except as noted here. It deals 1d6 damage per caster level (max 15d6 at CL 15), or 2d4 damage per caster level (max 50d4 at CL 25) against evil outsiders, and an evil target which fails their save is blinded for 1d4. Neutral targets which fail their save are blinded for 1 round.

    Loyalty Devotion:
    Your mind is hardened by your resolve towards your friends and cause.
    Benefit: Once per day as an immediate action you can automatically end a compulsion effect affecting you, or automatically save against a compulsion effect you must make a saving throw against. Alternatively you may choose to gain a +1 +1/4 character levels sacred bonus to saves against Compulsion effects for 1 minute.
    Special: You can select this feat multiple times, gaining one additional daily use each time you take it.
    Special: If you have the ability to turn or rebuke undead, you gain one additional daily use of this feat for each three daily turn or rebuke uses you expend.

    Loyalty Domain Transcendency: Any creature which swears allegiance to you gains a +4 bonus on Will saves against Compulsion effects while within 100 miles of your location. In addition when fighting directly for a cause you have called them to they gain the ability to remain conscious and fight as normal while below 0 hit points until they die and Fast Healing 1 when at less than 0 hp.
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