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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Domains And Domain Feats

    Yandere Domain (Do I need to say it? No, Marlowe it's not you)

    Granted Power: Select a creature who is your beloved. When your beloved is at less than 1/2 hit points and threatened in some way (other than by you) you gain a +1 perfection bonus to attack rolls, AC, saving throws, ability and skill checks, and to your divine caster level. If your beloved dies you must attempt to revive them, unless you killed them, and failing that wait at least 1 month before selecting a new beloved.

    Domain Spells:
    1. Status
    2. Shield Other
    3. Visage of Terror (see below)
    4. Divine Power
    5. Status, Greater
    6. Fatal Glare (see below)
    7. Scrying, Greater
    8. Teleport Other (see below)
    9. Imprisonment

    Spoiler: Visage of Terror
    Fatal Glare
    Necromancy [Fear]
    Level:Yandere 3
    Components: V, S, DF
    Casting Time:1 standard action
    Range: Personal
    Area: You
    Duration: 1 round/caster level (see below)
    Saving Throw: No (see below).
    Spell Resistance: No.

    You take on a horrifying mien of madness and murder. While this spell is in effect you gain a +6 competence bonus to Intimidate checks and may make Demoralize attempts as a swift action. As a standard action you may expend the spell entirely to attempt to make a Demoralize attempt on each enemy within 30 ft. If this succeeds any enemy that would be demoralized is Frightened for 1 round instead of the normal effect.

    Spoiler: Fatal Glare
    Fatal Glare
    Necromancy [Death, Fear, Mind-Affecting]
    Level:Yandere 6
    Components: V, S, DF
    Casting Time:1 standard action
    Range:60 ft
    Area: Cone
    Duration:Instantaneous or 1 round/caster level (see below)
    Saving Throw:Will partial; see text
    Spell Resistance:Yes

    Taking on a face of fear inducing madness, you glance in a direction inducing fear in all creatures which meet your face front on. If a creature with 1/2 your caster level or fewer Hit Dice is in the cone, it dies unless it succeeds on a Will save. Even if the save succeeds, the creature is panicked for 1 round per caster level. Creatures with more than that number of hit dice are not slain by the glance, they are panicked for 1 round per caster level if they fail the Will save and are shaken for 1 round if they succeed.

    Blind creatures, and creatures unable to see your face, are immune to this spell.

    Spoiler: Teleport Other
    Teleport Other
    Conjuration (Teleportation)
    Level: Yandere 8
    Components: V, S, DF, F
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: 100 miles/caster level.
    Target: 1 creature
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Saving Throw: Will negates
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    When you cast this spell you teleport the target to an empty space adjacent to you if they are within range of this spell; you do not need line of sight or line of effect to the target to affect it with this spell. The target, if they are within range, is allowed a Will save against this effect with a successful save causing it to fail completely and special modifiers to the save as listed below, and if the target is out of range or on another plane the spell fails as if they had made their Will save.

    If you have no knowledge of the target they gain a +10 bonus on their save, if you have only secondhand knowledge they gain a +5, if you have met them personally they gain a +0, and if you know them well they get a -5. If you possess a body part, lock of hair, or other piece of the target they suffer a -5 to their save. If you have no knowledge of the target's current location they gain a +5 bonus to their save, if you have vague knowledge (they're about 500 miles that away) they gain a +0, if you have exact knowledge such as being able to see them or having scried on them very recently they suffer a -5 penalty to their save.

    Focus: A possession of the target's or a piece of their body.

    Yandere Devotion:
    You are really devoted to the idea of being a creepy stalker-lover.
    Benefits: When you select this feat choose one creature as your beloved, if you have Vow of Romance or the Yandere Domain then you must select the same creature for this feat as those. Whenever a creature attacks your beloved it provokes an attack of opportunity from you and you gain a +4 to hit and damage with this attack of opportunity.
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