Homebrew Domain (Zaydos)

Granted Power: You may cast any homebrewed spell at a +1 Caster Level.

Homebrew Domain Spells
1. Metabolic Burst
2. Morriel's Blast of the Bronze Dragon
3. Metabolic Increase
4. Orb of Stone
5. Askidel's Thunder Sword
6. Laughing Tentacles
7. Fire Stars
8. Zaydos' Everspell
9. Transcendent Tentacles

Homebrew Devotion [Domain]

Prerequisite: Character Level 3rd

Benefit: Once per day, as a 1-round action, you may summon a homebrewed monster to serve you. The homebrewed monster cannot have a CR greater then 2/3 of your HD, and they must be partially or completely homebrewed. Other than that, it functions as a Summon Monster I Spell-Like Ability with a Caster Level equal to your HD.

Special: You may take this feat up to three times. Each time other than the first, you gain an additional use of this ability per day.