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    This is legomaster00156's Extended Signature
    And I'm not fancy!

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    There is only one weapon which is always good in all situations: a spell. You are playing a warlock, who cannot cast spells. Welcome to the world of the fighter. We have goblets of Bitter Tears of Sorrow, freshly shed by those who spent all their feats and class features to specialise in melee weapons and faced flying foes.
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    Smoke weed strange herbs catnip to learn spells. You are a magic pothead kitten.
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    I've seen horsemancers absolutely shred campaigns.
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    As your players find new and interesting ways to be psychotic, your insides will gradually wither and die while your exterior will become callused, and that callus will harden until it's an impervious shell.

    Eventually, you won't even be fazed by your players declaring baby-murder.
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    Like your own little harem of jealous wearable anime girls.
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